Home Tech Plugins Early Black Friday Deals on Plugins for Music Production 2023
Early Black Friday Deals on Plugins for Music Production 2023
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Early Black Friday Deals on Plugins for Music Production 2023

Home Tech Plugins Early Black Friday Deals on Plugins for Music Production 2023

The holiday season is just around the corner, and music producers, composers, and audio enthusiasts are in for a treat with early Black Friday deals on some of the most sought-after plugins for music production. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting your journey in the world of music production, this is the perfect time to upgrade your toolkit with high-quality plugins. In this article, we’ll highlight some of the best early black friday deals on plugins in 2023.


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Best Early Black Friday Deals on Plugins for Music Production 2023


1. Softube Early Black Friday Sale

This November, save big on plugins and bundles from Softube during their Black November sale. With savings of up to 76%, you can get your hands on high-quality mastering tools like the Weiss DS1-MK3 dynamics processor for only $549. Additional deals include Eurorack modular synthesizers starting at $89, Chandler Limited analog channel strips for $299, and algorithmic reverbs like TSAR-1 for $199. Softube will release new deals every week through Black Friday, so sign up for their newsletter to stay on top of the latest offers. With Black November prices this low, you can finally add that premium plugin to your studio.


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2. Waves Black Friday Sale

Waves has recently rolled out a series of plugins, available at the enticing price of $19.99 each, as part of their early bird Black Friday promotion. This pricing marks a significant reduction, with discounts of up to 90% off the original retail value. To make this deal even more appealing, Waves is offering additional savings, granting customers up to 40% off the already heavily discounted price. If you opt for two plugins, you’ll receive an extra 10% off the second plugin, and if you go for three, there’s a generous 30% discount on the third. Going all out with four plugins will yield a whopping 40% off the fourth. In simple terms, if you were to purchase four plugins within the $19.99 range, which are already significantly reduced, your total cost would come to just $63.97, resulting in a further savings of approximately $16.


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3. Output Black Friday Sale

Output makes some of the most unique and inspiring software for music production. Their synthesizers like Exhale, Rev, and Substance provide beautiful organic sounds perfect for any genre. Instruments like Analog Brass & Winds or Analog Strings give you the expressive realism of session musicians at your fingertips. And effects like Movement and Portal let you take your sounds to new sonic dimensions.

During this Black Friday sale, all these products are half off:

  • Arcade loop libraries – 50% off
  • Rev and Exhale synth plugins – 50% off
  • Analog Brass & Winds – 50% off
  • All effects plugins including Movement, Thermal, etc. – 50% off

For those just getting started, Output also offers the complete Collector’s Bundle with all their instruments and FX for 50% off.


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4. Universal Audio UAD Early Black Friday Sale

For a limited time, get UA plugins for up to 90% off in their Early Black Friday sale. UA perfectly models vintage analog gear used by great engineers and producers, delivering the warmth and character missing from digital recording. Now for the first time, you can get the authentic UA plugin sound natively on Mac and Windows with no UA hardware required. Take advantage of huge savings on individual plugins like the 1176LN compressor and LA-2A leveler, or grab an entire bundle covering reverb, echo, modulation, and more. Give your tracks the analog vibe of a real studio with the early UA Black Friday discounts before time runs out.


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5. Sonnox Black Friday 

Sonnox is offering discounts up to 75% off their range of audio plugins for a limited time during their Black Friday sale. The sale includes plugins such as Vocal Transformer for processing vocals, Oxford Limiter for peak limiting, Oxford Inflator for adding warmth and presence during mastering, and Oxford Drum Gate for gating drum tracks. Additional plugins on sale include the Claro EQ for precision equalization tasks and the Oxford SuprEsser for controlling sibilance. According to the company, prices start at £30 / $30. Sonnox states these plugins enable professional-quality processing and are aimed at producers, mixers, and mastering engineers.


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6. Solid State Logic SSL Fusion Mega Sale – 84% Off

Solid State Logic (SSL) is renowned for its top-tier audio equipment, and the SSL Fusion plugin is no exception. This Black Friday, you can get your hands on the SSL Fusion plugins at a jaw-dropping 84% discount. These versatile plugins are a must-have for enhancing your audio recordings, making them the ideal addition to your collection. The plugins included are:

  • HF Compressor
  • Stereo Image
  • Transformer
  • Vintage Drive
  • Violet EQ
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7. Plugin Boutique Scaler 2 & Rent To Own Black Friday Sale (Exclusive) – Up to 68% Off

If you’re looking to explore new dimensions in music composition, Plugin Boutique’s Scaler 2 is the perfect choice. This Black Friday, they’re offering an exclusive deal, allowing you to save up to 68% on Scaler 2 and their Rent To Own program. What truly sets Scaler 2 apart is its capacity to help you unearth the ideal melody. With a plethora of performance expressions at your disposal, this plugin empowers you to explore various melodic possibilities, all while suggesting smooth transitions between different keys. For music creators, this is a game-changer.



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8. Antares Black Friday Sale 

Audio technology company Antares is offering a Black Friday sale from November 7 to December 11. The company states customers can save up to 50% on Antares vocal processing plugins such as Auto-Tune for pitch correction and the Harmony Engine for vocal harmony generation. According to Antares, the sale also includes discounts on plugins such as Throat modeling vocal effects, Mutator chaotic effects, and their suite of mic modeling tools. The company notes they created the original Auto-Tune hardware in the 1990s which became widely adopted for vocal pitch correction and effects. Antares says their vocal plugins bring the same professional processing to digital audio workstations. Further details about discounted pricing during the Black Friday promotion can be found on the Antares website.


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9. Heavyocity Black Friday Sale

Heavyocity, a developer of virtual instruments and effects, has announced a Black Friday sale offering discounts up to 75% off its product line. The promotion will run for a limited time and includes the company’s range of Kontakt virtual instruments, Reaktor ensembles, and effects plugins. Specific products featured in the sale include scoring tools, synth libraries, drum and percussion instruments, and sound effects packages. According to the company website, pricing will start at £12.95 / $14.50 for individual products. Heavyocity states its products provide contemporary tools for media composers, producers and sound designers. The company encourages interested customers to visit their website during the Black Friday period to view the reduced pricing on the Heavyocity range.


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10. Cableguys Black Friday Sale 

Audio software company Cableguys has announced a Black Friday sale from November 7 to November 28, offering a 10% discount on their products. This includes their ShaperBox plugin bundle which was recently updated to version 3. ShaperBox 3 features additions like audio triggering capabilities, a sidechain view in the VolumeShaper module, and a new ReverbShaper dynamic reverb effect. The company states that ShaperBox combines volume, pan, filter, and reverb shaping tools for creative sound design and mixing applications. Cableguys notes that customers can get 10% off ShaperBox 3 as well as other company products such as the FilterShaper synth and TimeShaper effects plugin during the Black Friday promotion. Specific discount pricing is viewable on the Cableguys website during the sale period.


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Image Credits: Output


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