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Audient EVO 4 Bundle is all you need to start recording in your home studio

Renowned audio equipment manufacturers, Audient released its sub-brand called EVO last year, allowing artists to get a hold of high-quality yet affordable audio interfaces. Their first audio interface, EVO 4, has been making big waves in the music industry due to its unique features. The EVO 4 is one of the flagship products of the Audient EVO 4 Bundle.


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The Audient EVO 4 Bundle comes with 3 products. Each of them takes care of every single aspect of the recording process and makes it as seamless as possible. Included within are:


EVO 4 Audio Interface:

Its stylish design has a clear overview of the main features EVO has to offer. On the front, you’ll find a 48 V Phantom Power button to give the plugged-in microphones the power they need, 2 channel buttons to control the levels of both microphone inputs, a large green Smartgain button that will automatically set the levels of your microphones, a Monitor Mix & Monitor Pan button to get the right mix between the inputs and outputs, a volume button that will set the level of your headphone or speakers, and a large volume dial. Audient implemented 2 EVO preamps, professional converters, a headphone input, and an instrument input. On the back, you’ll find a USB C connection, speaker output, and 2 microphone inputs. The included EVO control app makes it possible to control your monitor levels, mute microphones, or enable one of the other main features directly from your computer. One interesting feature about the EVO 4 is the Smartgain: which automatically sets your mic gain to an optimum level. Apart from its high usefulness for music producers it also takes care of the features any content makers or streamers desire for. The Audio Loop-back feature allows you to record your computer audio and mic at the same time so if you are streaming on Twitch or recording a performance, you can do so seamlessly with the help of this feature.


EVO SR1 Condenser Mic + Shockmount

The SR1 microphone captures crisp and clear audio information. Even if the volume of the sound is very low, it does a great job in picking them up. In case the audio is very high in volume, it does quite well in minimizing the distortion.  Its frequency response, ranging from 20Hz up to 18kHz, ensures no audio information is lost while recording. It has a cardioid recording pattern that will capture more sounds around the microphone, with a more detailed result. The shock mount avoids any vibrations going to the microphone itself, in order to achieve the best result possible. An XLR mic cable is included as well to start recording right away.


EVO SR2000 Monitoring Headphones

The EVO SR2000 headphone will make a perfect blend possible between comfort and professionalism. It contains comfortable ear pads and a closed-back design to avoid the infiltration of any other sounds. Its frequency response is ranging from 15Hz to 22 kHz.


The EVO 4 bundle contains a 3-year limited warranty and includes a free version of Cubase LE and Cubasis LE for iOS. Connect this bundle, with the included USB C to USB A cable, to both macOS and Windows. Check out more about the bundle via the button down below.



Take a closer look at the complete bundle down below:


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