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The award-winning audio company Sennheiser has recently launched its latest USB microphone, the Sennheiser Profile. The microphone is targeted at podcasters, content creators, and streamers who want to elevate the audio quality of their recordings. The microphone is composed of high-quality materials, including an aluminum casing and a metal grille for durability. Its wide range of features allows the user

Serato is one of the world's most famous DJ software among other competitors such as Virtual DJ, TRAKTOR, and Rekordbox. Its powerful interface makes a difference for many prominent artists such as A-Trak, Dave Clarke, and Dada Life. In addition to the large list of DJ controllers that support the DJ software, Serato added the new RANE FOUR DJ controller.

Korg has introduced the ARP Odyssey FS Kit, a DIY synthesizer expanding their ARP Odyssey range. Originally released back in 1972, the synthesizer quickly rose to prominence in the industry after being featured on the recordings of Devo, Abba, Jean-Michele Jarre, and countless other world-renowned musicians. Recently revived by Korg, the Odyssey FS Kit focuses on a user-friendly approach to

The House and Techno scenes up to the point where we are right now are certainly attributable to the developments of Roland. Their drum machines, synthesizers, sound modules, and basslines are the pieces of gear that still create solid foundations for many big productions. The iconic company announced an all-in-one desktop synthesizer/groovebox, the SH-4d, and we're excited to tell you

Every DJ knows the name Pioneer- whether it's controllers, headphones, speakers, or software, the brand is absolutely ubiquitous in the realm of electronic music. They've garnered a reputation for being one of the best companies in the business, and their new flagship mixer only adds to their lofty status. The Pioneer DJM-A9 is here!   A clear upgrade on its predecessor (the

RØDE holds onto a catalog filled with music production equipment that's operating at a professional level. Their headphones, interfaces, mixers, software, and microphones deliver high-quality results, which is the reason why you'll find this brand in many studios. We're excited to share that the famous RØDE NT1 condenser microphone has been upgraded into the new NT1 5th generation microphone.   | HOT DEAL: New

EVE Audio released a new piece of gear at which we're excited to share all of the newest specifications with you. This new studio monitor, called the SC2070, is the newest in line with the Midfield series. It's the bigger brother of the SC207 monitor, but besides the appearance, they've added and improved a lot of functionalities. Have a look down

OneOdio is a consumer audio company specializing in headphones that are suitable for all kinds of occasions. The experienced Chinese manufacturer prides itself on its affordable studio, DJ, and gaming headphones (wired and unwired), as well as true wireless earbuds and microphones. One of their newest offerings, the impressive and inexpensive OneOdio A70, is the perfect demonstration of the company's

English music equipment manufacturer Neve has long been a big name- founded in the 60s and merged with AMS in 1992, the company behind some of the greatest mixing consoles ever made is introducing something rather different (and much, much smaller). Widely recognized for some of the best hardware of the past, this legendary maker is bringing about the future with

Elektron is a Swedish product development company that specializes in portable instruments. Their range of samplers, synthesizers, drum machines and sound processors is well-known within the music industry, used by many artists such as Aphex Twin, Thom Yorke, and Timbaland. As a follow-up to their Digitone synthesizer and Digitakt sampler, Elektron has now released Syntakt.   | Best VST Plugins of 2022 –

Korg is a well-known brand for analog and digital synths, having helped to shape the sound of electronic music production immensely. Music producers around the world appreciate their distinctive and great sound. 6 years ago the first Yamaha DX7-inspired Korg Volca FM was released and it remains an industry favorite. The new Korg Volca FM 2 will come with some major upgrades,