Home Tech Gear The Rhodes MK8: A Classic Redesigned
The Rhodes MK8: A Classic Redesigned
The RHODES MK8 Electric Piano Product Photo Image Credits: Rhodes
RHODES MK8 Electric Piano Product

The Rhodes MK8: A Classic Redesigned

Home Tech Gear The Rhodes MK8: A Classic Redesigned

The Rhodes MK8 Electric Piano takes the Rhodes reputation to new heights, offering a revamped experience for musicians and enthusiasts alike. At the core of the MK8’s enhancements is a meticulous redesign of its internal components. From the tines to the pickups and dampers, Rhodes has spared no effort in ensuring the highest quality materials are used, promising an unparalleled sonic experience.


The Rhode MK8 has a strong onboard effects section that includes a custom stereo effect processor. This processor offers a wide range of options for adjusting and customizing one’s sound, including effects parameters such as an analog compressor, phaser, chorus, and delay, along with a true bypass functionality that ensures a pure and unaltered signal. Moreover, the expression pedal control feature allows musicians to fine-tune the nuances of phaser speed, chorus speed, delay time, and feedback.


The built-in pre-amp is equipped with a parametric EQ, envelope control, as well as several other parameters. This addition refines the overall output while providing musicians with a comprehensive set of tools to shape their sound.


One of the most exciting aspects of the MK8 is the opportunity for customization. When purchasing, prospective buyers can customize its appearance to their preferences. They can choose from a variety of solid and custom sparkle colors for the lid, as well as beautifully crafted finishes for the front panel, case, pre-amp panel, pedal, and rear grille. The MK8 comes at a base price of $9,450; the manufacturing limit of Rhodes is 50 pianos per month, resulting in an estimated lead time of 10 months in order to maintain quality on these hand-built instruments.


Order the Rhodes MK8 Electric Piano here.

Image Credits: Rhodes

Video Credits: Sound On Sound Magazine’s Youtube Channel

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