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Moog to explore Evolution of Modular Synthesis through upcoming event

The Bob Moog Foundation preserves an extensive collection of historical pieces of information about the widely known Moog equipment. The inventor of the iconic synthesizers launched this foundation to shed light on the impact his musical contributions had on the music industry. The invigoration of modular synthesis, which Moog is well-known for, will be celebrated with an upcoming event called the Evolution of Modular Synthesis.


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A special event announcement, regarding Modular Synthesis evolution, reached social media. The Foundation will take us on a journey back in time through the analog Darwinism progress starring none other than Chris Meyer and Dave Rossum. The revolutionary power, warmth, and clarity Moog’s instruments bring to the table is down to their implementation of modular synthesis. The first-ever Moog synthesizer (1964) reached commercial success establishing the analog synthesizer concept up to this day. Synthesis educator/musician, Chris Meyer, and one of the founders of the modern music production ecosystem, Dave Rossum are showcasing this event through discussion points and performances with several pieces of Moog’s equipment.

Dave Rossum

Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay area, Dave couldn’t ignore his dreams any longer and decided to receive an education at the California Institute of Technology and graduated with a degree in Biology (1970). His relocation to Santa Cruz gave him the opportunity to start studying at the University of California Santa Cruz (UCSC) in order to receive a PhD. During his time at the University, he stumbled across the very first Moog Model 12 synthesizer. Dr. Harry Knoller was Dave’s molecular biology professor and an accomplished musician on the side. He shared the news that he received the Moog as a new instrument which changed Dave life. “This was the moment when God took me by the nose and said “Over here, Dave”. Rossum started to dive into every detail of this machine and ended up developing core technologies that his colleagues Tom Oberheim and Dave Smith could use while manufacturing their famous synthesizers.

Chris Meyer

From the moment analog synthesizers were introduced to the public, Chris was sold. The love and passion of synthesis started out by growing up with a Steiner Parker Synthasystem on his side. A variety of synthesizers crossed paths which gave him the opportunity to self-educate without attending a musical College. His fondness and knowledge regarding synthesis brought him a job function at Sequential Circuits creating Vector Synthesis and several instruments including the Studio 440 sampler/sequencer/drum machine. After Sequential he became the Chief Engineer of the profound Roland R&D US and served as the MIDI Manufacturer’s Association’s Technical Chairman. On the side, he started to share his craftsmanship by passing it on to younger generations through several UCLA synthesis lectures. His passion for creating music resulted in producing and performing under his alias ‘Alias Zone’ back in the 90s. Since 2020, he started performing again with modular and polyphonic synthesizers and hand percussion.



The Executive Director of the Bob Moog Foundation, Michelle Moog-Koussa, will be leading the event in the right direction. Modular synthesis will be scrutinized by interviewing Meyer and Rossum and a special performance by Chris Meyer himself. Chris will be operating on a range of instruments included in his current modular setup. The beautiful evolution of this type of synthesis will be presented throughout the event closing with a Q&A session with the audience. The Evolution of Modular Synthesis event will be taking place on October 4, 2023, at 7:00 PM (EST) at the Moogseum in Asheville, NC. Tickets are available for a price of $20 and can be bought here. A live stream will be held for those who can’t make it on time. This will be offered for a price of pay-what-you-can, starting at $10. Click here for the live stream.


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Image Credits: Bog Moog Foundation

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