Stylophone BEAT

Dubreq Announces Stylophone BEAT Drum Machine

Dubreq’s Stylophone pocket synthesizers delighted synth fans when they came out in 1968, finding favor with amateur musicians and children while also being featured on songs by the likes of Kraftwerk, John Lennon, and David Bowie. These small wonders were initially short-lived, leaving the market in 1975 only to make a triumphant return a little over 30 years later. Buoyed by steady popularity, Dubreq haven’t been shy about expanding the product line since, and their newest revelation keeps that going: enter the Stylophone BEAT drum machine.


Similar to the discontinued Beatbox, the BEAT is a compact device that allows you to make drum sounds by touching the attached stylus to the metal surface. It’s a bit like a souped-up version of its predecessor, as it also contains a programmable bass! You can mix and match from 4 drum and 4 bass sounds, and with onboard controls and feature like record, loop, tempo control, and audio out, the BEAT gives you everything you need for some serious vintage beats at an unbeatable value.


The Stylophone BEAT Drum Machine is currently available for preorder from the Dubreq Stylophone website– the units will officially be available for purchase in September for the very affordable price of $39.95 (€34.95, or £29.95). Watch the video below to see what this tiny wonder can do!


Image credit: Dubreq Stylophone

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