The UNO Super Gemini synthesizer

Delving Deeper Into the Long-Awaited UDO Super Gemini synthesizer

Unidentified Dancing Objects originated in Bristol, England, achieving product development at the highest level possible. UDO’s small range of synthesizers, also known as the Super Family, is stated by the company as completely unique in its own right, but everything has the same core principle at heart. A third product will be added in line with their Super Series soon: the Super Gemini synthesizer.


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Superbooth 2023 showcased the product for the very first time and people got the opportunity to experience the feeling, power, and versatility the unit brings to the table. The arsenal of features it holds onto is truly impressive to have a look at. It’s promised to be a bi-timbral analog-hybrid powerhouse, taking your sound to the next level. Analog circuitry is accompanied by a modern user-centric design, making this the flagship of the company. The Super Gemini is stacked with a total of 20 voices of polyphony including opportunities to split, dual, and sequence each layer. Expect an adventure of sonic surprises and spectral plots through the digital hardware oscillators. These raw sounds can be colored, expanded, and changed through all-analog signal paths that are connected to ring modulators, bi-directional sync, and wave morphs to name a few. Duality in controls offers a range of Drive, HPF, LFP, Resonance, Env, and LFOs times 2. These synth levels expand the ability to have full control over different layers.


The built-in sequence, arpeggiator, and sound engine are built on the acclaimed sound founder George Hearn is known for. Both worlds, old and new, are merged together due to adopting the true-stereo Binaural signal path with dual FPGAs, the twin effects processors, and the VC synthesizer technology. The binaural synthesis will be unfolded through the twin processors, forming 10 super voices out of 20 voices. The analog tone and warmth this synthesizer offers are down to a polished synthesizer sound assigned to both the left and right channels and each of your ears. A total of 64 interchangeable waveforms and 16 sequences are implemented which can be safely stored and edited in the 256 performance and patch slots. Enhance your musicianship by using the 61-note semi-weighted keyboard and ribbon controller. UDO went for a robust design, made entirely of aluminum and steel. The company states it has true no-compromise build quality.


The UNO Super Gemini synthesizer will be available in Q4 this year for $4195.



Have a listen to the device down below:

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Image Credits: UDO

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