Behringer KOBOL EXPANDER Synth

The Behringer KOBOL EXPANDER synthesizer is officially released

The first mention of this new synth came all the way back in April of 2022, and fans have been eagerly waiting ever since. A year passed, and it seemed as though the product might never see the light of day- until now. The Behringer KOBOL EXPANDER synthesizer is officially out, being the newest in the line of the company’s analog synths series. Have a look down below to see what this unit can do.


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The KOBOL EXPANDER is listed as being true to the original sound of the “KOBOL” synths. This analog semi-modular duophonic synthesizer is equipped with a dual VCO section of 7 variable waveforms. Although this synth resembles its predecessors, this unit delivers in its own right with the ability to continuously morph between the various waveforms. Direct modulation of the instantaneous frequency point, through input voltage, can be operated by the 2 VCO frequency dials (both ranging from 10 Hz-10kHz). An arsenal of three different voltage controllable amplifiers let you shape the individual VCOs and the overall sound level. The authentic reproduction of the original KOBOL EXPANDER circuitry, from 1979, leads to a fully analog signal path, bringing us to the hardware-based Voltage Controlled Filter section. A VCF Frequency feature (16Hz-16kHz) holds onto a cutoff slope of 24dB/Oct which can be colored through the accompanied Resonance feature. Hook the KEYB Control up to both the VCF and VCO section and be ready to enlarge your possibilities when it comes to sound shaping.


The final voltage amplifier gives you the option to enable or disable the decay of the overall sound before sending it to your headphones or any other audio output source. As the icing on the cake, there’s an additional modulation section included. The LFO includes 2 different waveforms: sawtooth and square. Patch its rate to any source and control the overall volume of the effect or let it run straight through VCO 1. Don’t want to affect VCO 1? Simply enable VCO 1 Modulation OFF. A range of 2 voltage processors will shape the incoming and outgoing gains. Add a Noise Generator on top of your wall of sound and decide whether you want to apply white or pink noise. Lastly, you can tune your created sound with a total of 5 semitones on both sides.


As the manufacturer says, “The Behringer KOBOL EXPANDER is about to be your latest spell book in an infinite sea of beats, pulses, and voltages.”  


The Behringer KOBOL EXPANDER is currently available for a price of $199.


See the unit in action down below:

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Image Credits: Behringer


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