HEDDphone Two

HEDD Announce Meticulously Crafted HEDDphone Two

HEDD Audio’s confidence in what they do is apparent: from their amazing commitment to customer service to their insistence on hand-building all of their units in Berlin, it’s clear that they stand by their products. That self-assurance and attention to detail has led to plenty of accolades, and they could well be receiving more soon- HEDDphone Two, a fine-tuned successor to the brand’s signature headphones, is almost here.


Lightweight but still a heavy-hitter, HEDDphone Two reduces the weight from its predecessor by 25%, increasing wearability without sacrificing sound quality. HEDD’s newest air motion transformer drivers extend high frequencies to ensure transparency, eliminating distortion; the drivers’ variable velocity transformation allows for even frequency response, making this the world’s first and only full-range AMT headphone as of the time of writing. Apart from delivering on sound, HEDD made sure to address what many will feel is the second most important aspect of a good pair of headphones: comfort. The carbon-fiber HEDDband makes use of a smart-strap system that not only adjusts shape, but also tension, giving it the ability to conform to heads of all shapes and sizes. An ergonomic head pad, PU leather ear pads, and forward-facing connections make these headphones seem like an absolute breeze to wear in the studio.


The HEDDphone Two is currently available for preorder at a listed price of $1,999; the company has yet to announce when units will begin shipping. Buying directly from HEDD will give you a 5-year warranty, free shipping, and 100 day returns- pre-order yours here!


Image credit: HEDD Audio

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