This free plugin uses AI to find the perfect loops and samples

Today’s music creators have a sea of loops, samples, and beats to work with. But sorting through the swarm to find the right vibe can soak up serious studio time. Jamahook’s fresh AI plugin swoops in to save the day.


As the world’s first AI sound-matching tech for music production, Jamahook’s slick plugin acts like a personal assistant. It analyzes your music project and immediately suggests spot-on loops and samples faster than you can hit record.


How Jamahook’s AI Assistant Works

Once the plugin analyzes your track, Jamahook’s algorithm pulls job-perfect loop recommendations from its massive audio stash. It’s like having a producer’s assistant who knows your taste and style inside out.


The results sync up with your tune’s tempo, harmony, instruments, and overall vibe. So you can quickly audition options blended to perfection.


Refine your results by filtering for specific instruments, genres, or grooves. When you find standout loops, just drag and drop them into your DAW. Jamahook’s pitch-shifting feature auto-fits the loop’s key to your track – no tweaking needed.



Image credits: Jamahook

Behind the Smart Technology

Under the hood, Jamahook taps some serious AI and deep learning to study each loop’s sound signature and connect it to your tune. This huge database powers their “music recommendation engine” to dial up mind-reading suggestions.


Jamahook partnered up with Fraunhofer IDMT, leveraging their SoundsLike tech, to craft this clever tool. It saves producers from loop-hunting hassles and inspires when you’re feeling stuck.


“Our multi-modal approach enables us to match the overall feeling of a production by training our models with granular attributes like rhythms, tempo and instrumentation. Customers can win big in terms of time and efficiency savings. There’s just no time to manually sift through all of that material, so you need smarter tools when you are looking for something specific.” says Hanna Lukashevich, Head of Semantic Music Technologies Group @ Fraunhofer IDMT


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The plugin is free to use and works with all major DAWs. Users only pay a subscription fee if they want to download and own the recommended loops to use in their songs.


Monthly plans start from €3.99 for 20 loops. €9.99 for 80 loops and €19.99 for 200 loops.


For music makers, Jamahook is like having a producing partner to bounce ideas off. The smooth workflow lets creativity flow like water. Producers can spend less time loop-digging and more effort crafting auditory magic. This AI wingman truly takes music creation to new heights.



Image credits: Jamahook

Hemant has been actively involved in the dance music industry with over 3 years of experience. Currently working as a Project Manager and heading the We Rave You Tech division. Get in touch via email.