Make Noise Superbooth 2023

Make Noise reveales a new Dual Spectral Oscillator at Superbooth 2023

The annual music event called Superbooth returned to Berlin 2023. From May 11-13, the industry was treated to dozens of exhibitions regarding the latest synths and gear announcements. Among the many exhibitors such as ADAM Audio, Arturia, Audeze, and Bitwig, you’ll find Make Noise. This gear development company announced an interesting new piece of gear.


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Spectraphon is Make Noise’s newest module, coded by Tom Erbe (Soundhack) and engineered by Tony Rolando and Jeff Snyder. This piece of gear is the very first module to be produced on the company’s newest digital hardware platform. The outcome was very successful due to an even lower noise floor and higher resolutions. Spectraphon’s circuitry creates completely new sounds out of existing ones through resynthesis and real-time spectral analysis. The combination of multiple pieces of gear and technological developments such as resonators, vocoders, additive synthesis, spectral processors, and classic analog oscillators, is making sure to achieve the right result.


Make Noise maintained the same appearance as the other modules, but added some new features to it of course. The whole module can be split into 2 parts: Side A & Side B. Spectral Amplitude Modulation can be found on Side A and Spectral Array Oscillation on Side B. Whether you want to achieve spectral oscillation through analysis of the input’s audio (SAM) or spectral oscillation through stored sets called Arrays (SAO), Spectraphon will offer you both. Added to these VCOs, are Partial controls. These features will control amplitude and timbre for the odd and even harmonic outputs. The included FM bus will make sure you can apply internal frequency modulation. These two VCOs can be operating independently or in a combination of the 2. A total of 8 inputs, 2 audio outputs, 2 gate inputs, and 10 CV inputs are included.


This unit will be showcased during this year’s Superbooth. It will be available for a price of $599.



Have a closer look at the Spectraphon down below:

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Image Credits: Make Noise 

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