Modernized Minimalist Aesthetic Turntable RMV

RMV is a turntable that allows you to feel both analog and digital sensibilities in a very stylish way. RMV stands for Retro Modern Vibe and it delivers the atmosphere of the past and the present in a natural and harmonious manner. With its unique design, this turntable is designed to suit the interior of your home in a classy way and comes in 2 different colors black and white.


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The name “RMV” comes from Retro Modern Vibe and defines this device very well since it is inspired by vintage typewriters and Leica cameras. With the simple appearance in the design of this device, it might seem pretty simple but there is some serious tech behind this turntable. Next to the platter is a very rigid control layout, with an on/off knob, volume rocker, and buttons to play, pause, and skip, while the rear contains more thorough controls which are hidden from sight.

Incorporating digital into the existing tone arm movement on the turntable gives you a little more digital feel than conventional analog, allowing the analog and digital feel to harmonize together The turntable can also be displayed in several different ways, hung on the wall vertically, propped up at an angle via the integrated kickstand or just laid flat.

If you’re looking for something with a lot of style to either decorate your home or just have a device with a lovely character to play LP’s on, this is probably the one.