NAMM 2022: Pioneer DJ announces new DJM-S5 Battle Mixer

The new Battle Mixer by Pioneer DJ called the DJM-S5 is coming with some mind-blowing features. Earlier they released the DJM-S7 which is a full-on Battle Mixer and the little brother, the DJM-S5 is a stripped-down version of that. Nevertheless, Pioneer DJ always makes sure to have a great and persistent quality with the best product possible for creatives.


The key to the new Battle Mixer is the distinctive look that set itself apart from the bigger brother. It is divided into a Black & Red look and has the 2 Volume Faders and a Crossfade Fader underneath that. On each side, you have 4 Pads to play Samples or Loops with or to make Cues to let the creativity while battling someone flow. Overall, the Mixer section of the DJM-S5 looks pretty clean and comes with the 3 EQ knobs, Master and Booth level knobs, and 3 different cut and FX buttons. The only parts missing are the Auto Loop section and the Parameter selection, which had to go to make the pricing right for this Mixer.


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But still, some major elements make the DJM-S5 stick out. For example, Pioneer featured it with the MAGVEL FADER PRO crossfader, which lets you change the heaviness and weight of the crossfader to make it easier for you. In combination with the 2 USB-powered inputs where you can link the Mixer directly to Serato DJ, you can choose from up to 57 Serato Effects to create interesting and great Effect sections. Additionally, the DJM-S5 features in combination with your Serato DJ software a great possibility to stream your Battles or mixes online, and the mixer is fully capable of supporting that.


With all the Scratch support features and multiple USB inputs and the very professional attempt, this new Pioneer DJ DJM-S5 is ready to be the best Battle Mixer on a budget right now. Available for 795 pounds now online and in stores.



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Image credits: Pioneer DJ