Polyverse Supermodal

Meet Polyverse’s newest filter plugin: Supermodal

Polyverse offers a range of multiple instruments suitable for sound-design purposes. Have a conversation with like-minded people on their forum and Discord chat about everything relating to their plugins or head over to the news tab to find out what’s on the release schedule. Additional to Comet, Manipulator, Gatekeeper, I Wish, and Wider, Polyverse have released their newest plugin: Supermodal.


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Supermodal is a resonating tool that will manipulate the frequency spectrum of the sound through filtering. The sonic characteristics will be changed and refuted through different filters. A standard filter is implemented, including a LP filter, BP filter, HP filter, and a resonance slider. Be amazed that you can use a combination of these filter types. Add harmonic distortion by applying an internal drive. But this filter isn’t carrying the modern sound Supermodal wants to carry forward. This is where the Modal filter comes into place. A total of 27 different modular modes (divided into 9 models, including 3 variations per model) will offer you a wide range of effects: flangers, phasers, vocal filters, resonators, etc. This filter is compiled by numerous amount of bandpass filter types, in order to achieve the resonating outcome. The XFORM feature will let you pick your favorite variation or blend two of them together. You can even add a decay effect to the sound to make the resonating effect more dramatic. Use the blend slider to merge both filters together.

If you know Manipulator, then this next feature will sound familiar to you. A fully scaled modulation section can be found at the bottom, including a total of 6 different effects. Expect a Meta Knob, ADSR envelope, Sequencer, Envelope Follower, MIDI/CV, and a Randomizer. Up to 4 of these effects can be used simultaneously. Last but not least, a fully fletched preset browser holds onto an army of presets categorized from subtle to dramatic and from drums to noise.

Polyverse Supermodal is available for a price of $99.



Dive into the plugin down below:

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