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Review: iZotope RX 8 Advanced

iZotope has been dominating the music production industry for a while now with its state-of-the-art plugins. Their mixing & mastering plugins have been used by many professionals and even Grammy-award-winning artists, such as Greg Kurstin and Emily Lazar. iZotope’s RX8 is used for audio restoration and has been gaining quite some traction among music producers. We’re excited to share an in-depth review of the iZotope RX 8 Advanced.


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iZotope divided this complete toolkit into 3 versions: Elements, Standard, and Advanced. The RX 8 Advanced is the most extensive version where iZotope pulled out all the stops. This packed bundle includes a standalone audio editing program, where you’ll be able to be in control of every little detail of the audio, plus 14 different loadable plugins within your DAW. The latest version of the RX series is the RX 8. Upgrading from the RX7, iZotope has added some new features such as the Spectral Recovery and the Wow & Flutter modules.

Spectral Recovery mode will recover frequencies above 4 kHz for you, to have an optimal listening experience. The Wow & Flutter module will correct your physical audio recordings (tape or vinyl) that have been aging throughout the years. Use Wow to restore the longer pitch drifts, and the Flutter to correct the pitch. The RX Audio Editor contains a large visualizer to load up your pieces of audio and control every inch of it. Get full control over clicks and pops while using the de-click feature, remove any reverb while using de-reverb, or use the guitar de-noise to remove any unwanted noise. The 14 included plugins, such as breath control, de-hum, de-clip, can be used for vocals, guitars, drums, or any other audio files to bring them back to life. This powerful tool will combine music production, sound design, and mixing & mastering into 1 virtual device.

The iZotope RX 8 Advanced is available for $1,199 USD. You can use the academic store, if you are a student or a teacher, to get 50% off. The plugin comes in AU, AAX, VST2, and VST3 versions.



Take a closer look at the RX 8 down below:

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Image Credits: iZotope




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