Serato RANE FOUR DJ controller

Serato releases the new RANE FOUR DJ controller

Serato is one of the world’s most famous DJ software among other competitors such as Virtual DJ, TRAKTOR, and Rekordbox. Its powerful interface makes a difference for many prominent artists such as A-Trak, Dave Clarke, and Dada Life. In addition to the large list of DJ controllers that support the DJ software, Serato added the new RANE FOUR DJ controller. Have a look down below at all of the new features this controller holds onto.


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The new Serato RANE FOUR is a 4-channeled DJ controller that can control Serato Stems. As usual, common features such as sync, pitch bend, loop, beat jump, quantization, and a mic section are included but this DJ controller has been equipped with a range of new features.

  • Serato Stems

For the first time, a stems section has been added to a controller, offering the user a range of tools to create stems out of tracks. Included features are key adjust, key sync, reset, acapella, and instrumental. Use key-adjust to manually shift or sync the key of the track in order to seamlessly blend parts into the other. Isolate either the acapella or instrumental of the existing track and use that to create a self-made mashup.


  • Stem-Split

Split and use stems across a total of 4 channels through the Stem-Split feature. By enabling this feature you can double the track to the second deck and use it as a second layer. Acapella stems can only be used on decks 1 and 2 and instrumental stems can only be used on decks 3 and 4. Apply channel FX and change the volume of the channels separately by using the included faders.


  • Pad Mode

This Stems Pad Mode section gives the user control over 4 audio stems and the range of included Stems FX. Perform just like Fred Again by jamming on the pads and create a whole track out of single stems. The function of each pad will be displayed through the LED screens. Play around with vocals, melodies, basses, and drums, and add different effects such as vocal echo, drums echo, instrument braker, and drums braker.


  • FX paddles 

A total of 2 battle FX paddles are implemented which can be used to apply FX in a different way than before. Add echo, recycler, scale on, riser, matrix, and echo out to each channel and control the beat and BPM of the effects. Use the paddles to add the right amount of effect to every channel and control the depth of the total effect through the large depth dial.


  • DJ platters

Serato implemented two 8.5-inch DJ platters, including a colored LED screen offering all the information you need. The platters can be used for beatmatching and scratching, and from now on you can use the platters for a new range of possibilities. The included LED screen will display the deck number, waveform and arrangement, BPM, track time, pitch, beat jump, and key of the selected track.

The Serato RANE FOUR DJ controller will be available through several dealers around your location.


Have a look at the controller down below:

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Image Credits: Serato

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