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Review: Session Loops – Customizable, live, and revolutionary Instrumnet loops

Music tech company Session Loops has taken the stage with a service that allows users to manipulate royalty-free guitar loops in every way imaginable. Sharing its name with the company, the service prides itself on remarkable ease of use and a truly astounding range of customization- any given user can jump right in and start crafting an ideal loop quickly and easily.

Using Session Loops is as fun as it is simple- once you’re signed up, you just pick a pack and dive right in to editing an existing preset or creating your own using a pack’s included grooves, riffs, and licks. Almost every facet of the loops is customizable, with users able to change the grooves, riffs, and licks (and the order in which they play), the length of the loop (in bars), key, BPM, and chord progression- it’s like laying down a guitar track yourself, but without having to spend thousands on a good rig. I spent some time playing around with the packs and was truly taken aback by just how easy it is: after about 10 or so minutes with The Past is No Longer Recalled pack, I had a 4 bar loop that sent my mind racing with ideas. Once you’ve got a loop that you like, keeping the creative process going is delightfully easy- just download the loop you’ve made and import it into the DAW of your choice. It really is that simple.

Current packs include Are & Be, Illusion Upside Down, In Full Bloom, The Past is No Longer Recalled, Interstellar Train, Lingering Light of the Setting Sun, Mask Off, Delicious but Poisonous, and Shrine of Emptiness- released as part of the service’s R&B series, the packs will be accompanied by more releases to come.

Ready to get your hands on Session Loops’ impressive tech? Paid plans for the service are as follows: Essential, with 75 credits a month at $5.99; Artist, at 200 credits for $9.99 a month; and Studio, with a whopping 1200 credits at a rate of $59.99 yearly. If you’re looking to get loop credits without having any impact on your wallet, then you’re in luck- Session Loops is now completely freemium! Free users can share their loops with friends for up to 15 credits a month- every 3 streams gets you one credit. With this new advent, it doesn’t matter what your budget or level of need is: Session Loops has got you covered.

Click down below to visit the company website and get signed up today, or watch the video below to find out more about Session Loops and how it works.



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Image Credits: Jefferson Santos on Unsplash