Soulja Boy’s “Crank That” Recreated in Record 19.91 Seconds

Soulja Boy, the viral Rapper, released his breakout hit “Crank That” long ago. The song spent an impressive seven weeks at #1 on the US Billboard Hot 100, becoming the most downloaded song in the USA in 2007. The track’s iconic steel-pan hook remains instantly recognizable, a testament to its enduring popularity.


Simon Servida, a music producer and content creator, has been causing a stir in the music production community. Servida recreated the iconic track in 19.91 seconds. This feat has officially earned him the title of the world’s fastest music producer to recreate the track. Servida accomplished this using FL Studio, the software used to create the original hit song. The concept of recreating songs in “Speedruns” has been gaining immense popularity within the music production scene, and Servida’s latest triumph cemented his status as a frontrunner in this trend.


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This record-breaking achievement began with Servida’s original speedrun, clocking in at 37.39 seconds. However, as the video gained traction, it sparked fierce competition among music producers worldwide. Servida received multiple challenges from fellow producers eager to dethrone him from his speedrun throne. Producer Eliminate emerged as a worthy competitor among the challengers, completing the speedrun in an astonishing 22.74 seconds. This accomplishment then set the stage for Servida’s attempt to break the 20-second barrier.


What makes Servida’s feat even more remarkable is the contrast with Soulja Boy and his production process for “Crank That.” In an interview with HipHopDX, the artist revealed that producing the iconic track took him an hour to create. Simon Servida’s record-breaking speedrun of “Crank That” showcases his incredible talent and highlights the evolving landscape of music production. As artists and producers continually push the boundaries of creativity and productivity, we can expect a surge in speedrun competitions among producers.


Image Credits: Fl studio

Video Credits: Servida Music Youtube Channel

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