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Soda Music: The go-to for inspiring sample packs and pro mastering

Sample packs can offer multiple benefits to artists in the music industry which drives creativity and efficient workflows on a day-to-day basis. Soda Music offers top-tier sample packs and mastering inspired by the likes of Chris Lake, Peggy Gou, Biscits, and much more.


Sample Packs

Through the use of sample packs, artists can have a variety of key elements readily available such as drum samples, instrument sounds, vocal snippets, and more. What better way to enhance your creativity and overall workflow process than through Soda Music which offers multiple sample packs based on genres such as tech-house, Afrobeats, and more. Whether you’re creating electronic music, hip-hop, or film scores, sample packs from Soda Music are tailored to your needs.


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Offering sample packs such as “Tech This Out Vol.1” which includes twenty bass loops, twenty drum loops, ten hat shots, 10 bass shots and so much more, the best part is these packs are 100% royalty-free and inspired by the likes of  Chris Lake, Peggy Gou, Biscits and more. One of the most cost-effective packages is the  “Tech This Out Bundle” which includes three volumes of sample packs to fit all of your needs, style, and workflow preferences. It’s worth exploring these different packs to find those that align with your creative vision and enhance your music production process.


The high-quality samples from Soda Music offer consistency, contributing to a polished and cohesive sound, while also granting access to specialized sounds that might be challenging to create independently. Providing both rising and established artists such as Henry Fong, Chuckie, and others utilizing these packs, Soda Music offers various packages such as latin house, minimal drums, vocal chain and numerous others. Users on the website can easily click on each package and listen to the samples directly making this a one stop shop to suit all of your musical desires. Be sure to check out and purchase your sample packs here.



Mastering Services




Soda Music also offers a unique mastering service which is guaranteed to be delivered to you within seventy-two hours of your order being placed. After assessing an artist’s track, they will employ a combination of techniques, including full band and multiband compression, EQ adjustments, Harmonic Excitation, Stereo Imaging enhancement, and precise limiting. These methods are skillfully applied to ensure your track reaches the level necessary to compete with the top tracks in your genre. Their master engineer has mastered over twenty-five released tracks including Club Soda’s “One By One” and La Casita’s “To The Sky.” With the key purpose of ensuring a consistent and balanced sound across all tracks of an album or project, enhancing the audio quality, and preparing the tracks for different playback systems and formats, Soda Music has become an established company offering these services to artists worldwide.

For more information on their mastering services, click here.



Featured Photo Credits: Soda Music Official Media

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