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Audiomovers has filled the gap in transferring audio files between collaborators. As you’re limited to sharing a certain amount of GBs across the internet, you have to discover new ways of transfer. Audiomovers came up with a perfect solution that allows you to stream and share high-quality audio in real time. LISTENTO is VST or a standalone app that preserves the quality when you’re, for instance, face timing. From now on, you can use these advantages straight from your web browser through Web Transmitter.


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Web Transmitter is the web version of LISTENTO that holds onto the exact same features for the best audio experience possible. First of all, you can select your personal streaming session settings. Choose between different latency settings (0.1, 0.2, 0.5, and 1.0 sec), different audio qualities (PCM 16 bit, PCM 24 bit, PCM 32 bit, OPUS 128 kBit/s, or OPUS 256 kBit/s) and set your own personal session password. Choose between I/O or drag-and-drop. You can select the right input (Built-in microphone, system, DAW, etc.), or you can simply drag and drop any audio file (WAV, MP3, AIF) into Web Transmitter instead of an I/O source. Decide whether you want to transmit the file or loop it. Pick your favorite output and control the monitor level as well as the transmitter level. Monitor the levels through the indicators and be ready to stream.


Once you start streaming, the link will automatically be copied to your clipboard so you can directly share the link with your collaborator(s). You can also share the link individually to an email address.


“Stop sending huge files. Collaborate securely in real time.”


LISTENTO subscription is required in order to get access to Web Transmitter. There are 3 subscription plans available: LISTENTO Pro ($16.67/month), LISTENTO Basic ($8.33/month), and LISTENTO Business ($275/year). Choose your subscription now and get the first 2 days free.



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