The Akai Pro APC 64 Product Flatlay Image Credits: Akai Professional

The Akai Pro APC64 Is Soon To Launch

The Akai Pro APC64, an upgraded version of the company’s renowned Ableton Live controller, is soon to be released.This next-gen MIDI controller boasts an array of features designed to enhance the music creation experience. Akai has built a strong reputation in the music production community thanks to their 77 years of experience crafting high quality and innovative consumer electronics, and this latest offering is a testament to their capabilities.


The APC64 has 64 RGB pads arranged in an 8×8 format. These pads have polyphonic aftertouch capability, adding a new dimension to expressiveness in performance. One of the standout features of the APC64 is the inclusion of 8 touch strip faders. Departing from traditional knobs and physical faders, these touch strips offer a versatile and customizable way to control parameters. Assign them to your preferred functions, unlocking a new level of flexibility in your music production workflow.


The APC64 doesn’t just cater to Ableton Live users; the device can be used as a full-scale MIDI controller, interfacing with both analog and modern modular racks. When in mix mode, the APC64 can function as a mixer, allowing you to fine-tune and sculpt your sound with utmost precision. The LED color screen located at the bottom of the device provides a clear and intuitive display of essential track information, which can greatly enhance your overall control and awareness during performances. In addition, the APC64 features an 8-track, 32-step sequencer. This opens up possibilities for intricate and evolving compositions.


Priced at $399, the APC64 will soon offer an enticing package for both beginners and seasoned producers alike. As a bonus, each unit comes with a copy of Ableton Live Lite, providing a powerful software foundation to kickstart your productions. 


For more information on the release of the Akai Pro APC64, click here.

Image Credits: Akai Professional

Video Credits: LoopopYoutube Channel

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