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TikTok reveals ‘Elevate’ to help promote rising artists

For new artists, social media has become a necessity and critical element in their rise and growth to stardom, giving fans access to their lives and creative processes while connecting with a global audience from anywhere in the world. TikTok has been at the forefront of this process since its inception and is now launching a new initiative and platform to help further promote and grow the careers of rising stars.

While social media platforms can instigate a variety of opinions across the public spectrum, they are a key component of artists and creators, replacing many of the iconic music halls of yesteryear with a digital platform that serves as a world stage. TikTok has consistently looked to increase this engagement and opportunity through music, partnering with some of the biggest brands and events in the world while also servicing future stars with their own social media management programs to help increase traffic and revenue. Now the platform is pushing for with a new initiative, Elevate, which will support rising musical stars, offering support both on the platform as well as beyond to help navigate the music industry. Rachel Dunham, who is the North America Artist Partnerships Lead at TikTok, spoke about the program:

“Elevate speaks to the heart of TikTok and our commitment to honor and empower the diverse talent on the platform. As the destination for music discovery, we are so excited to provide artists with meaningful support on and off TikTok to help them find long-term success in the music industry.”

With the launch of the initial program, six rising stars from around the world were chosen and they will be given exclusive opportunities to showcases their career and creative journey both on TikTok as well as through live events and engagements curated with help from the social media platform. Keep an eye out for more from CHINCHILLA, Sam Barber, Omar Courtz, Isabel La Rosa, Kaliii, and Lu Kala who serve as the innagural faces of this exciting new initiative.

Image Credit: TikTok

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