ValhallaRoom 2.0

Valhalla has released massive update for its popular ValhallaRoom plug-in

Producers worldwide understand the importance of a high-quality reverb for their mixes and productions, a unique effect that adds space and depth to any release. With many options, one of the most popular plug-in designers, Valhalla, has released a new version of its own plug-in, ValhallaRoom 2.0.

First released back in 2012, Valhalla has continued to provide support and updates to one of the world’s premier reverb plug-ins for over a decade now, continuing to innovate and improve upon an already compelling release. Selling for the very modest price of just $50 via the company’s website, owners have access to free updates to ValhallaRoom and now have been gifted the exciting latest upgrade to the release. For ValhallaRoom 2.0, users get an enhanced experience with two key new features that will provide further control when in the mix stage, offering even more nuanced touches to the timbre of a sound.

First up is the Space Knob, a new addition that is located within the early reflections section of the plug-in and allows for control over the amount of feedback around the pre-delay and early reflections of a sound. The additional timbres that can be accessed via the new space knob truly expand a producer’s toolbox and allow the ability to diffuse and modulate echos. With a more realistic short decay, as well as metallic early responses, and the ability to navigate small spaces up to lush modulated reverbs, the new update provides a wider range of control than ever before.

Secondly, the team at Valhalla also created a new lo-cut control section of the plug-in, which will producers to cut some of the low-frequency output in the reverb, allowing for more control and cleaner, more modern mixes. Already a leader in the industry, Valhalla’s continued commitment to updating its products, as well as providing free updates to owners make it one of the best deals in music production.

Image Credit: Valhalla

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