Home Tech Tech Featured Discover your Global Music Audience with WARM – Radio Airplay Tracking
Discover your Global Music Audience with WARM – Radio Airplay Tracking
Photo Credits: WARM Official Media

Discover your Global Music Audience with WARM – Radio Airplay Tracking

Home Tech Tech Featured Discover your Global Music Audience with WARM – Radio Airplay Tracking

By continuously monitoring global radio stations, WARM tracks the real-time airplay of your songs, offering invaluable insights to elevate your music career. WARM provides a comprehensive overview of your fanbase, identifies emerging markets, and equips you with tools to enhance marketing, and promotion strategies, and expedite royalty collection. The groundbreaking technology is used through Audio Fingerprinting and Music Recognition, which assigns a unique fingerprint to each song, enabling precise identification of radio play worldwide. Supported by ACRCloud, a top audio recognition platform, the web application ensures detailed information on your songs’ radio reproduction. Sign up today to unlock key data on your audience and markets to optimize your promotional strategy.



Discover unparalleled insights and elevate your music career with WARM, the game-changer for artists, managers, and record labels. Users can gain exclusive access to real-time airplay data from over 25,000 radio stations worldwide, allowing you to analyze your track’s performance, monitor growth, and track competition like never before. WARM transcends being a mere tool; it’s a transformative force that empowers you with data-driven success in the dynamic music industry. With the ultimate precision, WARM allows users to customize promotions, identify global trends, and reach international audiences regardless of your location.


Key benefits include:

  • Monitor your airplay reach whether you’re independent or signed
  • Identify high value stations and regions to focus on
  • Optimize international marketing and tour routing
  • Gain competitive intel on similar artists
  • Improve licensing and rights management
  • Streamline airplay-based royalty collection processes

Discovering the value of radio.

Uncover new opportunities with WARM’s data-driven insights, exploring emerging markets and unlocking untapped potential for your music. This revolutionary platform not only equips you with the information needed for informed decision-making but also opens doors to collaborations, tours, and enhanced fan engagement. In the world of music, where data is power, WARM stands as the key to building stronger connections and propelling your career to new heights.


While streaming has boomed as a music discovery method during the last two years, radio retains its dominant lead. A research made by MIDIA during 2020 shows that more than 50% of the market keeps using radio as their main channel to discover new music. Moreover, due to its ease of use, technological adaptability and lifetime, radio listening habits keep engaging with mature and younger audiences equally.


Ready to take the next step? Start your WARM journey today and embrace a future of unparalleled success in airplay monitoring. Be sure to sign up Sign up.

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Photo Credits: WARM Official Media


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