The capabilities and audio quality within the digital world have been improving rapidly for the last 10 years. Many audio engineers have been combining analog gear together with digital plugins as the differences are getting smaller and smaller. Through advanced artificial intelligence, we're able to mimic analog circuitry. This will give us the capability to break boundaries and go beyond

Tech House Market is a company based in The Netherlands, that offers a wide variety of sample packs, preset packs, and MIDI packs. Their samples have received support from many professionals and leading producers including the likes of Crossnaders, 22 Bullets, Millean and Westend. After the release of their first ultimate bundle, they're now back with the second volume of Tech House

Baby Audio has been creating quite some buzz within the music production industry recently with its immaculate yet affordable set of plugins. For the first time, Baby Audio incorporated AI (Artificial Intelligence) into developing their new tape emulation plugin, TAIP.   Instead of trying to copy the circuitry of analog gear, they've trained an algorithm that mimics the circuitry for you. While creating

Campfire Audio is an earphone manufacturer from Portland, USA that is known for its hand-crafted high-quality earphones and in-ear monitors. Recently, they launched 2 new in-ear monitors namely Mammoth and Holocene. After trying Holocene for over 2 weeks we have compiled an in-depth review of the earphones down below. Built & Package Contents Like most of their hand-crafted collection, Holocene does pack

Recently, the staff at Billboard listed the Top 50 Music Producers of the 21st Century by ranking producers by their impact and innovation in the music scene since the year 2000. Since the beginning of the century, these producers have had a major contribution to the success of popular music records; below are their rankings with their associated acts:   50. RedOne Associated Acts: Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj,

Kontakt is one of the most progressive sampling platforms in the world. Many plugin development companies are switching to Kontakt Instruments for its ease of use and functionality. It can be hard to choose between so many different Kontakt libraries & instruments, but we have done this work for you. Down below you'll find the 20 best Kontakt Libraries & Instruments