Waves introduces brand new BB Tubes Saturator

As a global leader in plug-ins and production software, producers around the world look to Waves and their impressive collection of digital tools for helping shape and refine their work and workflow.  Always looking to evolve and offer new products and tools, Waves now returns with their brand new BB Tubes Saturator, available now at an incredible introductory price.

For its latest release, the BB Tubes offers producers two main knobs for adjusting the saturation of their individual tracks as well as mixes, the “beauty” and the “beast” knobs, each one offers crystal clear control and clarity, for helping boost dynamics while maintaining the integrity of the sound.  When focusing on the beauty knob, producers will be able to delicately adjust harmonic values, helping boost and saturate without undermining the integrity of the frequency.  The beast knob provides a different element entirely, as it focuses on an in-your-face distortion, helping to bring out a more aggressive feel in the mix.  Of course, you don’t need to simply take our word for it, Tony Maserati, a legend in his own right whose resume includes work with Beyonce, Selena Gomez, Nick Jonas, and Robin Thicke, had this to say about the new plug-in:

BB Tubes excites the speakers unlike anything I’ve tried before. I knew immediately it was helping my work sound better. I opened a song I had finished two days ago and I was seriously bummed I didn’t have this prior to sending the mix to mastering!!

Those who know Waves, know that they often offer incredible deals and savings on their plug-ins and packages, and that is the case with the BB Tubes right now.  While the saturator will retail for $149, it is currently available for 83% of the price, at just $24.99 for a limited time.  This is a great tool for any producer’s collection, just check out the introductory video below or head over to the BB Tubes page on the Waves website to learn more.



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Image Credit: Waves

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