Yamaha FGDP-50 and FGDP-30

Yamaha launches game-changing FGPD Finger Drum Pads for Mobile Musicians

Yamaha has unveiled two new pieces of gear aimed at bringing finger drumming capabilities to musicians on the move. The FGDP-50 and FGDP-30 finger drum pads pack the joy of beat creation into compact, lightweight units perfect for studio sessions, live performances, or casual jamming anytime, anywhere.


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Yamaha’s new FGPD finger drum pads aim to be the ultimate portable beat-making toolkit for musicians and producers. The compact pads promise studio-grade finger drumming capabilities in a lightweight, battery-powered unit designed for travel and mobile music creation.


At the core of the FGPD pads are 18 highly responsive rubber pads arranged in an optimized layout perfect for mastering finger drumming’s signature three-finger techniques. Middle finger hits activate the snare, index finger controls 16th note rhythms, while the thumb lays down percussive accents – all easily executed thanks to the pad’s thoughtful design.


Advanced dynamics and sensitivity settings allow drummers to craft nuanced performances by controlling volume, expression and achieve realistic techniques like ghost notes, cymbal chokes, flams, and rolls with ease while on the go.


Under the hood, a tone generator powered by a rechargeable lithium battery pumps out a diverse palette of newly created Yamaha e-drums sounds plus samples from their renowned DTX series – enough variety for DJs, drummers, and beatmakers of all genres.


Musicians can tap into the pads’ capabilities via USB connectivity to laptops and DAWs or hook them up to phones via the aux input to jam along to playlists. Yamaha’s Rec’n’Share app opens up options to record, edit, and share creations from the pads directly to social media.


With pro-level dynamics, an optimized form factor, and versatile connectivity, the FGPD pads make serious finger drumming prowess ultra-portable – the perfect tool for today’s agile music creators.


Key Features

  • Ergonomically designed FGDP pads
  • Pad sensitivity for dynamic expression
  • The FGDP-50 holds onto 1,500 voices and 48 preset kits
  • The FGDP-30 holds onto 1,212 voices and 39 preset kits
  • 2.5 W built-in speaker
  • The FGDP-50 weighs 1.1 KG (22.3 cm (W/D) x 5.1 cm (H))
  • The FGDP-30 weighs 1 KG (22.3 cm (W) x 19.5 cm (D) x 4.9 cm (H))
  • USB connectivity
  • Eight RGB Pads
  • Note Repeat function
  • AUX In
  • Rechargeable battery

The FGDP-30 is available for a price of €179,- and the FGDP-50 for €299,-.



Have a closer look at their performances below:

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Image Credits: Yamaha



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