Avicii’s unreleased tracks stolen and uploaded by artist

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Following news that Martin Garrix‘s tracks were being stolen and uploaded under another persons name, thus the uploader claiming it as their own, Avicii‘s tracks are now being subjected to the same theft process.

The Swede, whose untimely death was announced less than a month ago, has a number of unreleased tracks that have either been filmed by set attendees or taken from his live sets and radio shows. Often uploaded to YouTube, the unreleased tracks tend to gain a lot of hype from fans who await the release, that is if they are ever released. As years have passed, Avicii’s catalogue of unreleased tracks has built up massively, and one artist has decided to exploit the legendary producer’s creative brilliance by stealing his tracks and uploading them under his own name.

An artist by the name of Zzdroz had uploaded tracks to Spotify, claiming them as his own. However, this did not go unnoticed, as an Avicii subreddit clicked on to the artists theft. It was discovered that Zzdroz had stolen ‘I’ll Be Gone’ – of which the instrumental was modified and used for Avicii’s remix of his own track ‘Liar Liar‘ – and uploaded it under the name ‘A Million‘. To add even more insult to the Swede’s legacy, Zzdroz used a YouTube video that was a live rip of the track, including cheering and crowd noise. Further theft was committed as Stay With Me – a collaboration with the vocals of Mike Posner on one version of the track – was uploaded but with Zzdroz’s personal vocals. The artist was later called out by one Instagram user:

Avicii unreleased tracks

It’s probably no surprise that Zzdroz’s social media’s have disappeared following the discovery of his theft. An act of such disrespect to any artist should be unthinkable, particularly if the artist in the situation has recently died, and the process adopted by Zzdroz to carry out theft of this kind is truly insulting to the late Avicii. It would appear that the tracks have now been removed, however it does not detract from the fact that what was done should not be something that becomes common within the music industry.

Avicii’s unreleased tracks have gained plenty of attention in years gone by, for their unique melodies and spectacular vibes, and that legacy will live on forever. Check out some of his best ever unreleased tracks here.

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