Calvin Harris says he “can’t do tours anymore” as he’s “too old”

Age is just a number, right? You’d think so given some of the DJs on tour currently and the stage of their life at which they’re still going at it touring the world. Tiësto at 49, David Guetta at 50, Sven Väth at 53, and Carl Cox at 56… the list goes on and the aforementioned continue to fire out shows across the world. However, at the ripe young age of 34 years old, Calvin Harris is calling time on his touring career, with the reason being his age.

As one of the world biggest musicians, raking in a hefty amount of money to back it up, Calvin Harris’ high profile status could probably take him to any festival or club he wanted. But that’s not in the interest of the Scottish producer, who would prefer to spend his days in the studio rather than on tour. In a recent interview with the Boogie & Arlene radio show, Harris – real name Adam Wiles – stated:

I’ve done tours before but for me, I think my personal strength is in the studio — It’s what I enjoy the most.

With the recent release of his collaboration alongside Sam Smith titled ‘Promises‘, Harris is still doing plenty of work in the studio, and churning out chart toppers like ‘One Kiss‘ which dropped earlier this year. His summer has also been busy with shows, taking to his annual Las Vegas residency and the odd Ibiza show, but a tour is fully out of the question. Following his earlier comments, Harris said:

But a tour? No way. I can’t do tours any more. I’m too old.

It looks like you’ll have to try and get to one of Calvin’s rare shows, as a tour seems to have been fully ruled. Then again, the electronic music business often throws up surprises, so maybe Calvin Harris will change his mind in a few years. Who knows.

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