Thomas Bangalter – Riga Take 5

Daft Punk is no doubt one of the most iconic electronic dance music acts of all time. Since Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter joined forces in 1993, there has been no looking back. The pair are the masterminds behind some of the greatest hits of the last 30 years. Including masterpieces such as ‘Around The World‘, Technologic’, ‘Starboy‘ and ‘Get Lucky’. This immense catalogue of hits has earned Daft Punk 6 Grammy Awards throughout the year, making them the second most celebrated act behind Skrillex.

Daft Punk member Thomas Bangalter has been at the centre of attention recently thanks to his latest release ‘Riga Take 5’. The track is a unique 15-minute anthem driven by analogue sounds and calling back to the old school sound and structure of dance music. The main synth line is catchy and constantly evolving throughout the track, accompanied some tough-sounding drums and percussion which add texture to the track. The longer structure allows the song to take the listener on a trip through the sounds which paved the way for modern electronic dance music.

‘Riga Take 5’ was made as part of the soundtrack for the 2017 French film Riga (Take 1)though both the movie and the song are incredibly difficult to find online. David Guetta recently posted a video of himself unboxing this rare vinyl, with fans hoping they will be able to see him play it live in the near future, possibly in one of his Jack Back sets which he has been performing recently.

Be sure to listen to this analogue masterpiece on YouTube below.


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