Dash Berlin confirm new music for 2019 without Jeffrey Sutorius

Perhaps one of dance music’s most iconic trio due to its esoteric composition, the Dutch group of Dash Berlin had been a house in decorum for much of its existence. But after the incidents in June, which led to the removal of the group’s face & frontman Jeffrey Sutorius from most aspects of Dash Berlin’s online presence, nothing remains so sure anymore. While Jeffrey has opted for a solo career after his alleged ousting from the trio, the other two members –  Eelke Kalberg and Sebastiaan Molijn, who are alleged to have trademarked the ‘Dash Berlin’ brand without the knowledge of Sutorius – have some news for the fans.

In a recent tweet, Kalberg and Molijn, often remembered as the Pronti & Kalmani duo, took to the official Dash Berlin twitter to repost a YouTube recording of Vini Vici playing a remix of their 2009 track ‘Man on the Run‘ at Transmission Festival 2018. What was interesting was that when asked who was behind the activity, the official twitter account simply replied ‘the founding members’. While the saga continues for the fans, a small relief is that there will surely be new music in 2019 – including, perhaps, a part 2 of the #musicislife album as hinted by the tweets.

When asked who this

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