iZotope Neoverb reverb

iZotope launches Neoverb – a reverb that listens

iZotope, a company from Massachusetts, United States specializes in audio technology, providing professional audio software, plug-ins, hardware, mobile apps, and have won multiple Engineering Emmy Awards for their work. iZotope’s key products were for sure Ozone & RX, but this honorable group can soon be enriched with the newest child of the company, iZotope Neoverb – a reverb that listens.

Engineers’ goal was to focus on unhitching the exciting possibilities of vast reverbs with decreasing the muddiness, masking, and loss of clarity that always gets in the way of pro-sounding mixes. Thanks to its four-step assistant feature, Neoverb’s listening to your audio and making intuitive adjustments to the reverb parameters in real-time. With Blend Pad, the latest feature, you can quickly audition different reverb environments until you discover the ideal space for your audio. It also eliminates all friction traditionally inherent with cycling through presets and setting up various reverbs. iZotope’s pro-tip:

You can automate the Blend Pad! By using touch automation within your DAW, you can move the Blend Pad node, creating exciting movement in a production—like in a transition from a verse (smaller space) to a chorus (larger, more expansive space).

What else? iZotope Neoverb is able to tame reverb-tail difficulty areas quickly, with effectively dry-audio listening Pre EQ section which classify regions that have dull harmonics. Plugin’s Reverb EQ listens audio and decreases audible overlap and frequency crowding occurring between the reverb and the origin. With 100+ included presets, Neoverb is created with a modulation panel consists of two different modes – a subtle pitched effect & a classic chorus. Learn more about iZotope’s Neoverb and read the whole specific introduction here.

You can download Neonverb for a 10-days free trial. Now it’s at 50% SALE so we highly recommend a quick decision because it costs only $199.00 (€169.12).

Also, check great iZotope’s 3 Tips to Learn Neoverb in 10 Minutes article.

Photo credits: iZotope

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