studio gear used by Flux Pavilion

List of studio gear used by Flux Pavilion

There are some figures in electronic music who are likely to be held in absolute respect and esteem forever. One of them is Flux Pavilion, real name Joshua Steele – British producer, DJ, songwriter, and co-owner of famous label Circus Records. The 32-year-old has made an incredible name for himself with legendary productions such as I Can’t Stop, Cold Dust Remix, and Bass Cannon‘ which were among the first to be featured on the UKF’s YouTube channel. His debut album, Tesla, was released in 2015 and gave us, among others, phenomenal Emotional with Matthew Koma. We had to wait nearly 6 years for Flux Pavilion’s next long-play. On January 21, 2021, the incredible album .wav was released, and on the occasion of its premiere, the producer held an official AMA on Reddit. Thanks to his kindness and great questions from fans we were able to prepare a list of Flux Pavilion studio gear he uses the most. You can find the list below and don’t forget to listen to his latest album!

Flux Pavilion studio gear (hardware):


1. Make Noise Filter Modules – €125+

The company founded by Tony Rolando in 2018 is now offering more than twenty different modules so it’s hard to pick ones used by Flux Pavilion. One of the most popular, QPAS, contains four equal variable-state filter cores with control circuitry robust enough to drive them in stereo multipoint operation. A list of all Make Noise’s modules with professional descriptions could be found here.


2. Sequential Prophet 6 ~ €2,200.00

Prophet 6 is Sequantial’s re-edition of the classic Prophet 5 synthesizer with extra features like an arpeggiator, polyphonic step sequencer, and studio-quality effects. Prophet 6 has two newly designed voltage-controlled-oscillators, bi-polar filter envelope amount, velocity modulation, five wave shapes, or triangle sub-octave generator per voice.

Dave Smith’s introduction of Prophet-6:


3. Minimoog Model D (App – $9.99)

Moog stopped production of the physical version of Minimoog Model D but launched its digital sibling, Minimoog Model D App. A mobile transmutation of Model D includes over 160 presets, sound creation tools like ability to play chords with four-note polyphony, real-time looping recorder, or wide-range stereo time modulation effect module, that were not present in the analog release.



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4. KORG Monotribe ~ $220.00

The Monotribe is a ribbon-controlled analog synthesizer that enables real-time control of analog grooming. In addition to analog synthesis, the instrument combines intuitive ease of use, a three-part analog rhythm section, and proven sequencer modes.


5. UDO Audio Super 6 ~ €2,444.00

UDO Audio Super 6 is a 12-voice polyphonic binaural analog-hybrid synthesizer that is a combination of state-of-the-art FPGA digital oscillators and voltage-controlled analog technology. Quoting UDO Super 6’s designer, Axel Hartmann:

With the Industrial Design of the Super 6 we have transferred the classic visuals of Synthesizers from the early 70’s and 80’s into today´s environment of crafting an electronic musical instrument. We chose a uni-color body to make the instrument appear as one ultra-compact block. The sonic structure of the synthesizer finds itself reflected by the physical levels of the user interface. The ergonomic shape of the housing stands for transportability.


Other gears, tools, & plug-ins Flux Pavilion uses are:

Let us take this opportunity to remind you of this amazing video of Flux Pavilion making a beat in 10 minutes:

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