Half A World Away

Interview: Max Vangeli & Ampium talk ‘Half A World Away’, music video and remix contest

The names Max Vangeli and Ampium have been buzzing around the circuit following their banger collaboration ‘Half A World Away‘. This festival-ready sparkling cut was released on the last day of May this year, via Vangeli’s imprint NoFace Records.

Moldovan-American DJ and music producer Max Vangeli already has an extensive career in the industry and an unprecedented reputation for creating catchy and fiery tunes. With no signs of slowing down, Max Vangeli releases his third track of the year and honours his tradition of successful collaborations by pairing up with emerging Australian producer Ampium. The single has a soulful concept and tells the story of fading love and a heartbroken young man. But the narrative is uplifting and euphoric. In a perfect and harmonised mix, Vangeli’s groovy drums are complemented by the festival flavoured house sound from Ampium. ‘Half A World Away’ is a melancholic future bass dance gem designed to ignite festival stages.

After stirring fans’ spirits with this single, this talented partnership takes ‘Half A World Away’ to the next level. To add some incredible visuals to the moody soundtrack this single delivers, they share an emotional music video. Addressing sentiments that everyone has identified with at some point, the video portrays the story of a young couple, with the male character being played by Ampium himself.

A track full of potential as this one is invites you to think about remixes. Max Vangeli and Ampium set the tone in a contest to create fresh renditions of ‘Half A World Away’. Fans and fellow artists are invited to create a personal interpretation of the track, and the top three demos will be eligible for amazing prizes especially designed for music production lovers. Check out more details about the contest below and on Max Vangeli and Ampium’s Instagram.

With all the buzz surrounding this major collaboration, We Rave You caught up with Max Vangeli and Ampium to find out all about this exciting news.


Great to speak with you both about your exciting new music. Leaving a difficult and strange 12 months behind, how have you both been and what are your main goals for 2021?

Ampium: I’ve been great over the last 12 months achieving many major milestones in both my personal life and career. My main goal for 2021 is to develop to a point in my music and personal life to which I am unrecognisable from last year.

Max Vangeli: I’ve been amazing! The last 12 months we have been heavily focused on NoFace Records and building the community. In 2021, I have lots of new records in the pipeline, new collaborations and some very exciting projects yet to come!


With ‘Half A World Away’ music video just coming out, what can fans expect from the visuals?

Fans can expect an incredible storyline with great shots that will give the song the image-based storyline.


Speaking of this song, there’s a remix competition for the track. What has the engagement been like from the fans? How does it feel seeing other producers admire and rework the track ‘Half A World Away?

Ampium: The remix competition is an exciting part of the whole process as an artist I get to see other people there creative flair into my song and turn it into something new and fresh I haven’t heard before. It’s a pleasure to see others admire ‘Half A World Away’ and making crazy remixes and reworks.

Max Vangeli: We’re really excited to be able to hold this remix competition. I love hearing the different angles artists have and really being able to put their creative minds at work! Can’t wait to hear what comes in!


Will there be any particular messages that you would like viewers to take away from the music video?

I would like viewers to watch the music video and take what they want from it. I found every person related to my music and my video in a different way and I want that. For me personally, It was about people you love having mixed feelings, for others, it was about how covid has isolated them from their family or friends.


What was the creative process like for you guys working on this masterpiece? Could we see another joint collaboration in the near future?

It was a very streamlined creative process and we shared a similar vision. We both enjoyed working together and have already started sharing ideas for possible future collaborations.


Your tracks have been supported by the likes of Austin Kramer, Elderbrook, Krunk, and Soave to name a few. How does it feel to have your productions supported by DJs worldwide? What advice would you give to other producers who are looking to achieve success in the industry?

Ampium: To have my tracks supported by big industry names as the ones listed is a surreal feeling. It shows that hard work and striving towards your dreams does pay off, This support tells you that you’re on the right path. My advice to other producers would be to keep going and learning new things. In the start it’s hard but after a while, you start to do things and meet people you never thought you would. My second piece of advice would be to always believe in yourself and never sell yourself short. I’ve had many people not believe in me and now I have a ton of supporters. It doesn’t matter what people think, it only matters about what you believe, I think when you imagine yourself as being the best and strive yourself towards that you attract that.


Ampium, how long have you been a producer? Tell us about the origin of your music. What inspired you to pursue your career as an artist?

I’ve been producing music since 2016 starting in school making cuts and mashups of songs. I found music as an escape and especially EDM from many of the things in my world. I find EDM as a completely different world and a place that is magical and that doesn’t have hate, I guess what I’m saying is I found a place that I wish the world was more like. I also found myself falling in love with the music and different sounds making me feel different ways, all I wanted to do is share that with my friends and that’s what started it all for me.


If you’ve got what it takes, dare to produce a remix of ‘Half A World Away’ and send your demo until August 16. For now, enjoy the refreshing music video for this single below:

Image Credit: Max Vangelis & Ampium (Press)