UK government to encourage use of COVID pass for club and festival entry

This week, the UK government met to discuss the long-awaited reopening of nightlife in England, drafting up the idea of a COVID Pass as a means of entry to nightclubs and festivals.

Nightlife in England is set to re-open on Monday, July 19th, with clubs reopening and festivals returning without any capacity restrictions. The government has detailed that they aren’t to be any major restrictions forced upon major events and indoor gatherings, however, they are to encourage larger and higher-risk events to use the NHS COVID Pass as a means of entry to venues. This would not be introduced as a legal requirement though.

To obtain a pass, you would likely need to meet a particular criteria, such as providing a recent negative test result, or proof of a second vaccination among other things. More details are to be outlined shortly as the pass will soon be introduced to the NHS app, and in the physical form of a letter. Along with the pass, the UK government will outline extra health and safety guidance for venues and festivals to follow upon the lifting of COVID restrictions next week.

At long last, it’s somewhat reassuring to receive some clarity as to expect at events in the UK in the near future. For some though, government advice has arrived a little too late, as we have already seen some of the country’s major festivals cancelled for the second year running.


Image Credit: Ministry of Sound Club (via Facebook)


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