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Dutch event producers ID&T have decided to move forward with a summery proceeding against the Dutch government, should they choose to ban summer festivals. In addition to ID&T, 44 other event organising plantiffs oppose the decision to ban non-seated events through to the rest of August. Originally, the Dutch government decided to lift restrictions for all events nearly two weeks ago,

The Estonian government has recently announced a €42 million package in financial aid for Estonia's struggling cultural sector. The move by the government comes after a joint proposal submitted by 355 organisations, highlighting the impact their sector has on the economy and people's mental health as well as also putting pressure on their government, showcasing the need for financial support.

Many European governments realised how seriously the cultural sector has been affected by the impact of the ongoing pandemic. Norway is part of this group, where The Royal Norwegian Ministry of Culture secured more than NOK 120 million (€11.7 million) as a compensation for festival organisers and subcontractors. The amount is distributed by Norway’s cultural council (Kulturradet), which has so far paid

In the Netherlands, plans are moving swiftly to try and save the festival season ever since the disastrous year that was 2020. The government is moving fast, and it may be a possibility that festivals will return to the Netherlands from July 1. Dutch culture, education and science minister Ingrid van Engelshoven stated that it is not reasonable to expect mass gatherings