Video games and electronic music

You’ll have noticed that with video games, not only is the actual gaming experience important but just as much work goes into carefully curating and selecting the soundtrack. Whether it is adding to the immersive experience or just providing fun background tracks to listen to whilst you game, music is an extremely prevalent aspect. We aren’t just talking about any genre of music though, but of course electronic music. Over the years as electronic music’s growth has risen, it has made its way into the mainstream more and more but it has always been prominent in the video game world. Below, we’re going to list just a few games where electronic music is at the forefront. 

Rocket League 

One of the main examples, Rocket League has entered into a partnership with electronic label Monstercat to provide the game soundtrack. Starting in 2017 with a collaboration that saw the label release the ‘Rocket League x Monstercat Vol. 1’ compilation which was added to the game’s radio playlist, it featured the likes of Slushii, DROELOE, Trivecta and others. This collaboration continued a year later with four other compilation albums which in turn added more car items into the game. In 2019, Monstercat releases began being added into the game on the same day. With this collaboration, they aimed for Rocket League to not only be a game with an impressive soundtrack, but for it also to be a place where these particular artists featured in-game could have the chance to grow their audiences. It is certainly unique and innovative, and continues to be a unique crossover.


A lot can be said about Fortnite’s relationship with electronic music from their radio stations in cars that can be driven by players, or their innovative concerts put on by artists like Marshmello (who’s performance charted at No.1 on Billboard’s Dance/Electronic Chart), Slushii and Kaskade.


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