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Swedish House Mafia discusses new music, touring and more in new interview: Watch

EDM powerhouse trio Swedish House Mafia (comprised of Steve Angello, Axwell, and Sebastian Ingrosso) recently sat down with dutch news outlet AD (Algemeen Dagblad) for an interview to talk about their wild comeback to music, possible collaborations and a return to touring.


At the start of the interview, the trio discusses their times as a group and what it’s like to be reunited as one of the biggest groups in the industry, as well as the story of how the reunion came to be. According to front runner Steve Angello, they had been talking for some time before planning a meal with each other and from then deciding to embark on this new musical journey that has already brought us incredible new songs ‘Lifetime’ and ‘It Gets Better’.  They then continue to reminisce about the past and what made being in the group so special.

I think that there was always, with Swedish House Mafia, something special, a special sort of nerve that we couldn’t replicate anywhere else. It was just something so special. When people say Swedish House Mafia, it was always a little bit tense. And I think that tension was what I missed the most. When we do Swedish House Mafia songs, I think we all change a little bit, we would just become a different character somehow. It’s hard to explain, but whenever I make a song myself, I’m just feeling in a certain way. But as soon as we go together there’s something special happening. And also the same with the crowd. There’s something more tense. I think that that sort of tension I missed. – Axwell


The conversation quickly turns to future music from the global superstars, particularly one rumoured collaboration. A song between Swedish House Mafia and The Weeknd has been a hot topic of discussion recently, with the rumours only heightened when the singer stated his upcoming album was heavily influenced by the EDM trio. Swedish House Mafia’s response during the interview seems to be extremely cryptic with Steve Angello saying they were great friends and confirming a collaboration hadn’t been talked about as of yet, however, it should be noted none of the guys specifically denied a collaboration to be in the works.

We’re kind of family. You know, we’re great friends and we’re in the same management group. So we got to learn to know him, and he’s incredibly supportive of our music and obviously, we super appreciate it. We love him, obviously, and we are super happy about the support that he showed on his show for our music and in person. – Steve Angello talking about The Weeknd


Near the end of the interview, the discussion turned to the possibility of them getting back on the road and doing a tour, with them stating that they want to as soon as they can however they don’t want to cancel due to the current world events, obviously talking about the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

We just, you know, trying to maneuver the world, basically. So when we do go on tour, we don’t have to cancel it because of stuff. So we just try to figure out how we can do it. But as soon as we can, we will. – Axwell

You can watch the full interview via the Algemeen Dagblad website here.


Image credit: Therese Öhrvall via Billboard

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