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House Music Essentials Vol. 15 featuring O’Flynn, BINGEWATCH, Panda Pr1me & more

Festival season is nearly approaching as we officially count down the days to EDC Las Vegas 2023. We Rave You is excited to reveal our fifteenth edition of our House Music Essentials featuring top-tier artists such as O’Flynn, BINGEWATCH, Panda Pr1me, Modapit, Angelyna Rose, Dainjazone, Redfoo, Martial Simon, Bruno Furlan, and Jakk’d.

What better way to celebrate the festival season than to highlight a few producers who are definitely pushing their signature sound forward in the house music scene? With EDC Las Vegas 2023 approaching, We Rave You is excited to present our fifteenth edition of our House Music Essentials featuring O’Flynn, BINGEWATCH, Panda Pr1me, Modapit, Angelyna Rose, Dainjazone, Redfoo, Martial Simon, Bruno Furlan, and Jakk’d.

A true legend in the house music scene,  O’Flynn is a producer and DJ from London, whose rich productions have been supported by established veterans Ben UFO and Gilles Peterson, since his debut in 2015. With O’Flynn releasing on on seminal dance label Ninja Tune and his own imprint Hundred Flowers followed, all while support for this music deepened across the electronic community with plays on Four Tet’s Boiler Room, James Blake’s BBC Radio 1 Residency, and inclusion in Bonobo’s mix for London nightclub Fabric’s esteemed compilation series. 2019 saw the release of O’Flynn’s debut album ‘Aletheia’ on Silver Bear Recordings, where O’Flynn rounded off the year with a hugely popular 18-date UK album tour satisfying all those house enthusiasts. After O’Flynn showcased a boiler room-type set at the Village Studios in Vancouver, Canada hosted by Blueprint Events, O’Flynn brought out all the energy as he showcased his experimental sound with flairs of energetic house tunes to get the crowd grooving all evening. A perfect venue for the legendary producer in action, O’Flynn brought smiles to the entire crowd and we cannot wait for his return. To keep you sane until then, be sure to listen to “Vesta” by O’Flynn below and stay updated with Blueprint’s next events here.


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BINGEWATCH has been a house head for a long time, involved in all the different aspects of the genre for over a decade. This EP was created with his new analogue studio set up. The tracks draw in any listener with a raw drum machine backbone, intertwined with deep-house-inspired vocals and classic synth sounds. This summertime anthem has a vintage sound that is perfect for any festivals, pool parties, daytime and late after-hour events. “THIS IS HOUSE MUSIC” was inspired by an elegant and sexy spoken-word vocal that lures you into a stunning deep-house groove with classic chords & a bass line that really sets a mood. “STAY” was created in a more minimal style to really show off the traditional M1 organ pluck paired with melodic vocals that allow the listener to get lost in the warm analogue ambience. Supported by a jumpy bassline and drums, “DANCE WITH ME NOW” has a more seductive sound with darker chords and vocals, this song is perfect on any dancefloor during sunset.


Panda Pr1me  – “ Soulestial Carnival x thatDROPMix Series

“A closet DJ at heart, Panda Pr1me cut his teeth by DJ’ing at his and his friends’ parties, often with sets lasting nearly 10 hours. This epic journey from a trippy deep tech mind-bending experience after sundown straight through to soaring and uplifting sunrise sets has solidified his eclectic diversity. His inherent skill in track selection might only be matched by his ability to steer a party in the direction of his choosing. From deep house, deep tech, tech house, techno, minimal, dub, to chillout, Panda is well-versed in it all. Dan has been making his name known in the scene from gigs to productions. He released his track ‘Lost‘ with the LA-based label Wulfpack and is working on an upcoming EP. Along with his productions, festival appearances, and photography, he has held residencies at the Nixo Patio
Lounge, Paper Tiger, as well as residencies with Soulestial at the Airliner, Pattern Bar, and Outfits & Oddities. On top of his solo work, he also has been collaborating with King Leard on their Binary Dreaming project” says Co-Founder of Soulestial Carnival Joe Giuliano. Now Panda Pr1me is up for a new mix series with the Los Angeles based collective Soulestial Carinval and dance music publication, thatDROP, offering us his essential mix that packs a rolling vibe that won’t quit from the heart of humanity. Following the launch of this mix series, Soulestial Carnival keeps progressing with the announcement of Soul2Soul Campout in partnership with SOULNOVA, June 23-25 in Apple Valley, California.

Modapit  – “Out Of Control” 

Newly-minted producer Modapit is evolving in real-time. In January, the secretive artist emerged from the shadows of underground dance music, boasting a gothic, edgy streetwear look contrasting their euphoric, swirling pop-electronic sounds. Shrouded in their signature fishnet veil, the Modapit project has been defined by expertly crafted secrecy – an anonymous identity that has stirred their feverish online fanbase. The mystery has also provided Modapit a sense of creative freedom: by removing the ‘ego’ from the artist, Modapit’s music and fashion-forward aesthetic have become the central focus of the project. Now, Modapit unveils their newest single “Out Of Control,” a transition into a darker, more European techno-inspired side of the Modapit project. Filled to the brim with rolling basslines, euphoric vocal samples, and pulsating, hard-hitting drums, “Out Of Control” is an acute exercise in vivid, brooding dance music catharsis. “Out Of Control” kicks off with ethereal synth pads before quickly introducing stuttering vocal samples, rumbling bass, and heart-racing risers. The track then drops into its infectious, booming beat – a dance-floor igniting rager consisting of scintillating high-hats, driving percussion, huge, thumping kick drums, and tone-setting, acid synths.


Angelyna Rose – “10:35” (Grande Remake) [Tiesto Cover]

The age of artificial intelligence (AI) has brought about numerous groundbreaking innovations in the music industry, including AI-generated vocals. Recently, an up-and-coming artist, Angelyna Rose, released her single “10:35 (Grande Remake)”, a cover of Tiësto’s “10:35 (feat. Tate McRae)”. The track features vocals created using AI to mimic Ariana Grande’s voice. This marks an early instance of a celeb AI-generated voice being added to digital streaming platforms (DSPs). This development has sparked discussions and debates about the legality and ethics of using AI-generated voices, particularly those of famous celebrities. Is this a revolutionary step in music, or does it cross the line into murky ethical territory?

 Dainjazone & Redfoo – “Long Live Party Rock” 

“Long Live Party Rock” is an evolution of the Party Rock/ Electro pop sound that took over in 2011 lead by LMFAO. Now LMFAO member Redfoo has jumped back into the studio after a 6-year hiatus to lend his voice on a Dainjazone-produced single, ending a silent streak and kick-starting the momentum of an epic return to the public eye. “Long Live Party Rock,” embraces a high-energy sound in the instrumental and an iconic topline thanks to the efforts of Redfoo. The combination captures an instantly electrifying vibe and is perfectly crafted for a festival/club atmosphere. Redfoo had been regularly passing on opportunities to work with multi-platinum-selling artists for over half a decade. After getting a taste of Dainjazone’s demo for “Long Live Party Rock,” he knew this was the ‘one’ and loved the modern dance incorporated that was mixed in with the classic ‘Party Rock’ sound. The rap verses were laid down, bringing an all-too-familiar voice back on a track and into the public consciousness.

 Bruno Furlan – “The Rhythm” 

Known for his incredibly dynamic array of club-equipped tech house releases, Bruno Furlan is a one-man show who’s traveled across multiple continents to spread his renowned signature house style. Now he returns for “The Rhythm,” a single which doesn’t stray far from his roots, yet pushes the envelope in areas of design, arrangement, and overall track personality. “The Rhythm,” is packed full of surprises. An infectiously soulful vocal topline acts as a centerpiece of the release, with the other key focus being the mysteriously heavy basslines darting at listeners at the familiar pace of 128BPM. Bruno Furlan has brought forth a house banger that will push a live set to a peak and elevate the club to another level. From start to finish, the song flows with a natural grace while also being dotted with plenty of sonic cues fans will recognize as Bruno Furlan’s unique natural touch.

 Martial Simon – “That’s The Way It Is” 

Coming off his recent Trinidad Jame$ collaboration which surpassed 150k streams and was added to the overwhelmingly popular Dance Rising on Spotify, Martial Simon is back with his new dance-pop cover, “That’s The Way It Is.” This track instantly lifts the mood of its listeners by opening with a powerful female vocal, then encompasses a dreamy piano progression and vibrant claps. This is paired with beautiful soundscapes and delicately placed effects throughout. As “That’s The Way It Is” nears its peak, the lyrics are layered with an ethereal buildup. Suddenly, the singer stands alone, delivering the song’s title right before Martial’s emphatic drop. Oozing with an incredible sense of positivity, this dance hit shows a versatile display of Martial’s production abilities.

Jakk’d ,HAWD HITTA, NoBueno & $on-$hine – “CHECK THIS OUT” 

Los Angeles-based electronic DJ/Producer duo Jakk’d team up with HAWD HITTA, NoBueno and $on-$hine on their latest house anthem “CHECK THIS OUT” released on SEARCHPRTY RECORDS. Check This Out is dropping just in time for the summer, & these artists have come together perfectly on this track to deliver the energy needed for this summer. As throwbacks have recently made a reappearance, with their catchy hooks and verses sampled over house music, the crew was quick to capitalize on this style and infuse each of their own unique styles of production with the recent wave. The song delivers only the most “hawd hittin’ production” as HAWD HITTA would say, with vocals chopped into perfect position in sections over an upbeat rhythm for the global dance community to fall in love with. It goes on to groove along a strong bassline, as well as an irresistible brass layer sprinkled perfectly throughout, all building up to a fake-out drop which will have listeners busting out moves on the dance floor once it all finally comes together. Co-produced by Jakk’d, HAWD HITTA, NoBueno, & $on-$hine, “CHECK THIS OUT” is the song for this festival season, as it really gets the job done.

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