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David Guetta & MORTEN to release anticipated ‘Something To Hold On To’ on Friday

David Guetta and MORTEN join forces again for the electrifying new track ‘Something To Hold On To’ releasing this Friday

The legendary DJ and producer David Guetta is joining forces once again with the super-talented MORTEN, continuing on with their Future Rave saga, and they’re all set to release their brand-new track, ‘Something To Hold On To,’ this Friday!

David Guetta, needs little introduction. With a career spanning several decades, he has consistently pushed the boundaries of EDM, and his influence on the genre remains unparalleled. MORTEN Breum, commonly known as Morten, is a Danish DJ and producer who has been rapidly rising to prominence in recent years. His distinct style and innovative productions have earned him a dedicated following and respect from industry peers.

The dynamic duo first caught the attention of fans and critics alike with their previous collaborations, including chart-topping hits like ‘Never Be Alone‘ and ‘Make It To Heaven.’ Each release showcased their seamless chemistry, blending David Guetta’s knack for infectious melodies and MORTEN’s flair for driving basslines. With such a track record of success, ‘Something To Hold On To’ is undoubtedly poised to be another smashing hit.

Fans have been eagerly waiting for the two artists to join forces once again. Their previous collaborations, such as ‘Save My Life‘ and ‘Dreams,’ received massive acclaim and became anthems at festivals and clubs alike. The anticipation for ‘Something To Hold On To’ is no different, with social media channels already flooded with teasers and sneak peeks of the upcoming release.

The track’s title, ‘Something To Hold On To,’ suggests a heartfelt and emotional journey through music. While both Guetta and Morten are known for their ability to produce hard-hitting, high-energy tracks, they have also proven their versatility in crafting emotionally charged melodies.

The collaboration between these two powerhouses has already proven to be a winning formula in the past. With each artist’s unique flair and musical ingenuity, the track is anticipated to become an instant classic and a must-add to every dance music playlist.

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Also, relive one of their most recent, impactful performances at the Brooklyn Mirage below.

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