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Rezz embraces goth roots in ‘IT’S NOT A PHASE’ EP: Listen

Rezz taps into the styles of music she loved prior to producing electronic music in her goth-inspired EP ‘IT’S NOT A PHASE,’ out now via her label HypnoVision

Isabelle Rezazadeh, better known as Canadian DJ and producer Rezz, taps into her emo roots to create the goth, rock and punk music-infused seven-track EP ‘IT’S NOT A PHASE.’ The genre-bending EP follows her previously released singles ‘Blue In The Face,’ ‘Signal,’ and Embers,’ all of which are included in the release. Known for her signature dark and hypnotic soundscapes, Rezz has continuously pushed genre boundaries by releasing works representative of her past, present and future. With ‘IT’S NOT A PHASE,’ she elevates her sonic artistry to new heights, featuring collaborations with Alice Glass, Silverstein, Johnny Goth, Grabbitz, MKLA, Raven Gray, fnkysd and Polyphia guitarist Tim Henson

“With this goth EP, I’ve really encapsulated some of my early inspiration musically before I even got into dance music. I grew up listening to bands exclusively, and over time developed an understanding of what it was about those songs that I loved. Lots of use of guitar, eerie melodies and distorted basses – this is a blend between sounds I’m known for while also expanding on my range with using new vocal styles and instruments.” – Rezz

‘IT’S NOT A PHASE’ starts off with ‘Signal,’ an edgy alt-rock-infused collaboration featuring singer, DJ and producer Grabbitz. Moody guitar rifts combine with MKLA’s dreamy vocals in ‘Haunted Eyes’ to create a record with heavy pop-punk energy. Heavily-distorted bass and eerie vocals change the mood to create the goth-inspired track ‘Blue In The Face’ with Shadient and fknsyd before punk and electronic music collide in the midtempo track ‘Embers’ with Raven Gray. Slow-burning, eerie synth textures perfectly infuse edgy, alternative-rock vocals in ‘Blurry Eyes’ with Johnny Goth. Following the track is ‘Dreamstate’ with Polyphopia guitarist Tim Henson, where emo-inspired vocals blend with Rezz’s edgy and sonic sound design. Featuring former Crystal Castles frontwoman Alice Glass, the EP closes out with the glitchy punk tones of ‘Not Enough.’

Since bursting into the scene, Rezz has carved her own niche in the dance music landscape with her unique style and magnetic stage presence. From her early breakthrough with ‘Mass Manipulation’ to headlining major festivals and consistently selling out headlining shows, Rezz’s journey has been nothing short of extraordinary. ‘IT’S NOT A PHASE’ is a fearless and awe-inspiring EP that offers us a glimpse of the music that helped shape Rezz into the artist she is today.

For fans and newcomers alike, this EP is a must-listen, promising an unforgettable journey through the sonic universe of Rezz. Check out Rezz’s new EP ‘IT’S NOT A PHASE’ on Spotify down below or on your favorite streaming platform! 

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