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John Summit wraps up Off The Grid Records with ‘Fade Out’ with MKLA: Listen

John Summit, one of dance music’s prominent figures, has dropped his highly-anticipated single Fade Out’ with MKLA, the last release before the rebranding of his imprint Off The Grid Records.

Chicago native DJ/producer John Summit continues to maintain his enthralling hold on the dance music industry with the release of his latest trance-infused track ‘Fade Out’ with Canadian vocalist MKLA. The release of the track follows John Summit’s previous success with his original Where You Are with Hayla, which gained widespread recognition for its distinctive sound and infectious energy. As the second original production from the Miami-based producer in 2023, ‘Fade Out’ underscores his commitment to pushing creative boundaries and crafting music that leaves a permanent mark.

John Summit’s production prowess shines throughout ‘Fade Out,’ as he crafts a sonic landscape that is as energetic as it is emotive. The track opens with an irresistible 90s trance groove, characterized by melodic synths, pulsating basslines and infectious percussions. As MKLA’s enchanting vocals and melancholy lyrical flow intertwine with the music, the track escalates, building toward a climactic drop that is guaranteed to set dance floors ablaze.

The past July saw John Summit make headlines for a public dispute with a dance music promoter who had laid claim to the term “Off The Grid” back in 2015. Despite initial resistance, John Summit ultimately agreed to rename his label, a transition that appears to be nearing its culmination. As he and his team prepare Off The Grid Records for its transformative rebranding, their focus now shifts to John Summit’s much-anticipated headline debut at the forthcoming ARC Music Festival in his hometown of Chicago over Labor Day Weekend. For now, check out John Summit’s new single ‘Fade Out’ with MKLA on Spotify down below or on your favorite streaming platform

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