Apple Logic Pro AI Mastering 10.8 Update Image Credits: Apple

AI Mastering Introduced In Logic Pro X 10.8 Update

AI Mastering has just been integrated into Logic Pro X. Known as the “Mastering Assistant”, this cutting-edge feature comes as part of the free update to version 10.8. The AI Mastering assistant is capable of analyzing your mix and generating a master tailored to your specifications. In addition, the update grants users the flexibility to fine-tune the master, ensuring complete creative control over the final output. 

Two dynamic additions have been introduced that go hand in hand with this AI mastering feature. Sample Alchemy and Beat Breaker. Sample Alchemy allows users to transform a single audio sample into a playable instrument through granular, additive, and spectral synthesis. Beat Breaker is a multi-effect plugin that allows users to manipulate audio in real-time. Users can radically reshape and reshuffle audio on the fly, slicing, rearranging, and adding scratching effects. This feature adds a layer of experimentation and creativity to the stock Logic Pro X toolset.

Logic Pro AI Mastering Assistant large 2x Image Credits: Apple

Logic Pro AI Mastering Assistant large 2x Image Credits: Apple

Logic Pro X for Mac has introduced Slip and Rotate tools as additional enhancements. These tools enable users to move content within audio and software instrument regions without affecting region boundaries. As a result, editing is streamlined and the workflow is more intuitive. The update also brings two sound packs to the table. The Hybrid Textures sound pack includes offers 70 patches and over 80 Apple Loops featuring Sample Alchemy.

The Vox Melodics sound pack includes over 475 phrases, hooks, harmonies, effects, and one-shots. Closing the loop, both the iPad and Mac versions of Logic Pro benefit from 32-bit float recording, minimizing the risk of digital clipping. Logic Pro’s stock software continues to compete with the latest in music production technology. In conclusion, Logic Pro’s 10.8 update is filled with powerful and innovative resources for musicians and producers alike to take advantage of.


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Image Credits: Apple

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