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Plugin deals to expect from Black Friday 2023 if you are a music producer

As a music producer, Black Friday is one of the best times of the year to stock up on new plugins, synths, samples, and studio tools at unbeatable prices. The deals on essential music production gear you’ll find this November can save you hundreds of dollars compared to normal pricing. Whether you produce electronic genres like techno and house, create hip-hop beats, or compose orchestral scores, Black Friday sales have something for every type of creator. This year, you can expect substantial discounts from 40-50% or more on many of the top VSTs and sample libraries used by professionals across the industry. Read on for a rundown of the biggest Black Friday deals to expect if you are a music producer in 2023. Snagging some of this gear while it’s discounted will give your productions a serious boost in quality and variety for the year ahead.


Best Plugins Deals to Expect on Black Friday 2023


1. Mixing Night Audio – LOLCOMP & GreenHAAS

LOLCOMP is a one-of-a-kind compressor from Mixing Night Audio with five specialized settings designed by acclaimed producer Ken Lewis. It gives you great-sounding compression for different instruments and sounds through a straightforward interface that’s fun to use. GreenHAAS is a creative stereo imaging plugin that allows you to easily widen and color your sounds through an intuitive, gamified interface.

Both the plugins are currently available for 50% off this Black Friday & Cyber Monday. 


2. BABY Audio 

Baby Audio is offering deep discounts on all its acclaimed audio plugins and bundles for Black Friday through December 6th. Standout deals include the Industry Pro Bundle with all Baby Audio plugins for just $189 (76% off MSRP), and 50% savings on popular plugins like Crystalline, TAIP, Smooth Operator and more. Individual plugins start at just $29, making this an ideal time to add professional-grade mixing and sound design tools to your studio.



3. Denise Audio

Denise Audio is offering up to 50% off all its audio plugins and bundles for Black Friday through December 8th. The Total Bundle with all 11 Denise plugins is just $149, a 79% discount. Popular plugins like Bad Tape 2, Dragon Fire, Perfect Room, and more are $29 each (50% off). It’s the best pricing of the year on Denise’s pro-grade mixing and mastering tools.



4. u-he Diva Black Friday deals

This analog-inspired synth is renowned for its immense sound. With oscillators modeled on vintage analog gear and its own characterful filter, Diva can create everything from crisp digital tones to rich, warm pads. u-he Diva is currently available for 52% off along with heavy discounts on u-he’s other synths like Repro and Hive.



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5. FabFilter Black Friday 

FabFilter makes what is considered the best EQ, compressor, limiter, and other mixing plugins available. Their slick Pro-Q 3 EQ is indispensable for surgical sound shaping. Other hits like the compressor Pro-C 2 and limiter Pro-L 2 are also studio staples. Full bundles or individual plugins could be 25% off or more just like every year.



6. Oeksound Soothe & Spiff Black Friday 

The intelligent dynamics processor Soothe 2 can instantly tame harsh, jarring resonances in a mix. It’s gained a reputation as a “magic plugin” for smoothing out issues with vocals, instruments and more. Last year it was 30% off for Black Friday, so look out for a similar discount.



7. Waves Black Friday 

Waves have already launched the first edition of its Black Friday deals. They usually carry out their Black Friday deals in multiple phases. At the moment you can get 10% off on your 2nd plugin purchase, 30% on 3rd plugin & 40% on 4th and subsequent purchases. We would suggest keeping an eye on various different deals that pop up on their platform in the coming weeks.



8. Arturia V Collection 9 

With this massive collection of over 30 synth and keyboard emulations, Arturia delivers the classic sounds of instruments from Rhodes electric pianos to Moog synthesizers and more. The Analog Lab plugin allows you to combine and experiment with thousands of preset sounds. V Collection 9 could see 40% off or more for Black Friday. One of the most anticipated deals for Black Friday 2023.





9. Cableguys ShaperBox 3

ShaperBox is an amazing effect plugin that allows you to completely manipulate your sounds and make interesting arrangements out of it. The ShaperBox bundle includes TimeShaper 2, VolumeShaper 6, NoiseShaper, FilterShaper Core 2, PanShaper 3, WidthShaper 2, CrushShaper and DriveShaper. There are endless possibilities of what you can achieve with a combination of these modules. It also received the support of producers such as Camelphat, and David Guetta. Definitely, one to watch out for on Black Friday.



10. iZotope RX 10 

When it comes to audio repair and enhancement, RX 10 is the industry leader. It’s packed with modules for noise reduction, declipping, spectrograph editing and more. For isolating and cleaning up audio, RX 10 can work wonders. Full bundle or individual module discounts around 50% off are likely.



11. Kilohearts Phase Plant 

Phase Plant is a synth VST plugin. Phase Plant always starts with a blank template providing you endless possibilities for creating new sounds. You can add as many wavetables, oscillators as you want. Individually map them to any of the effects, lfos, triggers, envelopes etc. Once you understand this plugin completely, its a total beast. Black Friday deals are likely on Phase Plant similar to what we saw in 2022.



12. Native Instruments Komplete 14 

With over 200 instruments and effects, Komplete 14 is the ultimate production suite from Native Instruments. It bundles synths like Massive X, sampled acoustic instruments, Reaktor for building custom instruments, and effects for mixing and sound design. Komplete usually sees around 50% off for Black Friday.



13. XFER Serum Black Friday 

This wavetable synth has become a go-to for electronic and even other music genres. With its visual interface, morphing oscillators and filter routing options, Serum makes creating evolving sounds easy. While deals are very rare, Black Friday 2023 could bring a small discount on Serum.



14. Soundtoys Black Friday 

Soundtoys has an exquisite collection of mixing plugins. You might have already heard of plugins such as Decapitator, Echoboy, Alter Boy from various professionals. Similar to Black Friday 2022, Soundtoys are likely to launch their Black Friday deals for 2023. Individual effects can be up to 70% off and bundles up to 55% off. Definitely, the best time to buy if you are looking to add Soundtoys to your production toolkit.



15. XLN Audio Black Friday 

XLN Audio is known for its RC-20 and XO plugins as well virtual instruments like Addictive Keys & Addictive drums, delivering high-quality sampled acoustic drums and keyboards. XLN Audio also offers a range of expansion packs for adding more instruments and genres. In previous years, we’ve seen discounts around 40-50% off individual XLN Audio plugins and bundles for Black Friday. This year, you can expect similar savings, with potential for 50% off on plugins and virtual instruments.





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