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Fave FanFinder Uses AI to Connect Artists with Superfans

Fave, the social media platform designed with fans in mind, has unveiled its latest update: FanFinder. This innovative feature leverages proprietary AI to analyze user data collected by Fave, offering artists unprecedented access to connect with their most passionate supporters. Fave founder and CEO Jacquelle Amankonah Horton said in a statement “We made Fave a place for fans where they can be fully empowered, find each other, and immerse in their passions,”

The information at artists’ fingertips provides insights into fan behaviors such as length of music consumption, creation of fan art, attendance at concerts, independently made merch, and even organizational efforts to support new releases—among countless other organic fan engagements. “The direct connection means the artist team isn’t at the mercy of algorithmically-driven social feeds that reach only 2% of followers when the artist is trying to reach their dedicated fans,” stated Horton.

FanFinder allows for interactive opportunities, as artists can ask targeted questions to the AI model, like “Who are my most active fans in Philadelphia?” Not only does this feature streamline the identification process but also enables artists and their teams to tailor their outreach efforts with precision. The Fave FanFinder is a powerful tool for artists to enhance fan interactions.

Once these superfans are recognized, artists gain the ability to communicate directly with them. The possibilities can range from exclusive ticket offers to VIP meetups. This direct line of communication fosters a more personalized and rewarding relationship between artists and their dedicated fanbase. It’s worth noting that Fave prioritizes user privacy. Fans using the app have the option to opt out of the FanFinder feature, ensuring that their data remains private. 

AI-driven insights allow for a tailored and immersive experience for fans and artists on social media platforms.

For more information, visit Fave’s website here.

Image Credits: Fave

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