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The cake throwing throwing DJ/producer who we all know as Steve Aoki, is set to release a memoir detailing parts of his life. All starting from a very young age, the relationship between him and his father, his rise to stardom and fame in the music industry, the fashion projects that he has picked up along the way, the making

It is always great to hear a collaboration of artists. The combination of individual sounds merged together into a track is one of the core values of EDM. Now, two powerhouses of the industry collaborated for the first time. One of Holland's finest producers Hardwell and US-boy Steve Aoki teamed up and the outcome goes by the name of 'Anthem'. Premiered during Hardwell's massive

Steve Aoki has had a certifiably 90's throwback week recently, with his surprise Celine Dion performance, and now the possibility of working with the Backstreet Boys. The boy band of all boy bands dropped by Aoki's mansion in Las Vegas, aptly named Aoki's Playhouse. In one snap, the DJ and the singers are seen jumping into a massive foam pit and

Debuting their fresh new hit with a performance on The X Factor UK last Saturday, EDM pioneer Steve Aoki has linked up with 1 Direction's Louis Tomlinson for the release of 'Just Hold On'; a mid-tempo hit with flowing tropical vibes. Exuding Pop-like arrangements from start to finish, it's obvious Aoki is turning a new leaf with where his music may possibly be