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Erez Eisen and Amit Duvdevani have spent almost three decades at the top of the electronic music scene as iconic Israeli psytrance outfit Infected Mushroom. With 12 studio albums to their name, Infected Mushroom are constantly seeking innovation in the studio, with each production as meticulously intricate and engaging as the last. Brandishing their signature Middle Eastern-Tel Aviv-Melodic sounds, they

Revealed Recordings are renowned for maintaining their position at the forefront of dance music, pushing new sounds and never happy to rest on their laurels, highlighted in abundance on the latest release, ‘Do It’. Revealed Recordings welcome the biggest names from the world of Psytrance, in Infected Mushroom and SKAZI, alongside MR.BLACK, a name synonymous with Revealed Recordings fans, whose most recent release came

As Cyprus' beloved Guaba Beach Bar heads towards the Closing Fiesta of their Summer Festival 2018, the venue attendees gear up for a flow of reputed top notch shows. Guaba has already played host to the likes of Carnage, David Morares and DVBBS among a flurry of other mainstream heavyweights. While other shows continue to go on during the coming weekends, Guaba

Kiasmos. Crystal Castles. Pendulum. Depeche Mode. Massive Attack. Despite all being incredibly talented electronic artists, they share another thing in common: they all have awesome group names. Having a cool name isn't exactly a direct path to stardom, but it sure as hell helps if you have something that rolls off the tongue and looks great in print. That said,

After having released their debut 3-track EP on Armada Music's sub-label Who's Afraid Of 138?!, the WARRIORS duo of Israeli artists, namely the mainstream hotshot MR. BLACK and the Psy-trance legend Skazi, are back at it again with a collaborative remix with their legendary compatriots of the Infected Mushroom duo for the latter's 2007 hit 'Becoming Insane'. Officially announced for release during a live performance

Israeli duo Infected Mushroom is back with a new album. With Converting Vegetarians II, they clearly wanted to get back to their roots, as a sequel of their successful album from 2003. Converting Vegetarians, Infected Mushroom's fourth studio album, has been released as a two-disc set and has been their most successful so far. The first disc contained psy-trance tracks,  while