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The cake throwing throwing DJ/producer who we all know as Steve Aoki, is set to release a memoir detailing parts of his life. All starting from a very young age, the relationship between him and his father, his rise to stardom and fame in the music industry, the fashion projects that he has picked up along the way, the making

Is seems there may be no end to the talents of Steve Aoki. The former Pacha Ibiza resident is a hugely successful DJ, producer, cake thrower, Pizzaoki restaurant owner, and even star of his own Netflix docu-film 'I'll Sleep When I'm Dead'. And now, the Dim Mak maestro has turned his hand to pop music with the help of Norwegian songstress

Famous for his Neon Future productions, American EDM star Steve Aoki has announced the final instalment in the trilogy; Neon Future III. With the previous two albums birthing tracks like ‘Boneless’ and ‘I Love It When You Cry’, we’re certainly keen to hear what kind of route Aoki goes down on this one, with his more recent tones encompassing heavy

After Sam Feldt recently teamed up with Avengers star Jeremy Renner, another unlikely EDM collaboration might be in the works, as Steve Aoki revealed that he wants to work with Elon Musk. Both of these men seem to be on a similar wavelength of creativity with their business ventures. Aoki currently has a successful pizza company called Pizzaoki. He also recently launched his own

Having dominated the electronic music scene for some years now, Steve Aoki has well and truly conquered the music industry during his time as a musician. In July, he branched out, starting his own pizza business called Pizzaoki. The growth of the brand has been truly exponential and he now has plans to expand, opening stores in five new LA

With plenty of ventures outside of music in avenues of film, business and now food, Steve Aoki is a mogul of sorts. The artist has surprised fans all over the world with his newest venture of opening a pizza shop named Pizzaoki. With nothing but a site that has the words "coming soon", the DJ's cheesy website leaves us wondering when the