Electronic music is known for pushing the boundaries of the way viewers experience performances. No example is better than Sensorium Galaxy’s PRISM, a series of concerts by some of the world’s most popular DJs in an immersive virtual reality world. Until now it has been unknown how the process to transport these DJs into the digital world worked. But South

Launching himself into a new virtual world, 'PRISM', Armin van Buuren is teaming up with VR platform Sensorium Galaxy for a refreshing series of DJ performances. The Dutch DJ is set to play both live and pre-recorded sets in early 2021 as companies The Night League and High Scream work alongside the Sensorium Galaxy to get their new virtual reality platform up and running. We're

Dyro has embraced prodigies, PRISM and Funkz' latest track into his WOLV Records imprint. The bass maestro has even added his own touch to the track and we can't wait for its release. Dyro has stuck to his word by continuing to support young and unknown talent. Funkz is an Israeli house duo whereas PRISM is an unknown 14 year old artists. Getting