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Martin Garrix has again teamed up with duo DubVision for yet another progressive house anthem, ‘Starlight (Keep Me Afloat)’, featuring Shaun Farrugia. ‘Starlight’ exemplifies what progressive house should be. A nice melody, vocals that make you feel emotional and a drop worth jumping up and down for. Both Garrix and DubVision have never failed to disappoint this genre, and this track

Eh eh eh eh eh, ah ah ah ah ah Not exactly the most distinct lyrics, are they? However, whenever 'Million Voices' drops you just can't help yourself but belt out those 'words' as loud as possible. Music listeners across the world - not just electronic fans either - know Otto Knows for his iconic progressive house track from 2012, which

Back in 2013, Dutch mastermind Don Diablo joined forces with London native Matt Nash to produce one of dance music’s finest anthems. With the help of Stockholm’s Noonie Bao for the track’s majestic vocals, this track truly provides an incredible auditory journey from the moment the first melody hits to the very last beat. Titled “Starlight (Could You Be Mine)”,